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sweetener out now, enjoy  ʎɹɔoʇʇɟǝlsɹɐǝʇou don’t expect anything else than shitty captions

so today is it one of my best friends birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @fandomofstydia
i love you so much thank you for being in my life and making me happy. i hope you have a great day cause you deserve it. I wish for you that you one day meet Dylan MAYBE just maybe together with me but yes i love you happy birthday!! ❤️

yes this is my fav picture ever

this got payed dust but whatever

i want her mac lipstick but cause it’s old so it’s nowhere (:

i feel like all my captions are hello, but hello

ok so i’m gonna write a cheesy ass text but whatever
today is it a year since @mccannbbg cams into my dm and asked if there was a chance that i was danish. and then we started talking. Eli i’m so fucking grateful for you and i love you with all my fucking heart. we have meet 2 times and omg my heart sksk but i can’t wait for movie night at your house and just watch hp all day long. your my best friend and ugh i can’t make long messages but you’re the fucking best person ever and i’m so happy that i meet you cause you make me soooo happy.
i love you eli happy 1 year

rest in peace Mac. the most precious soul

hello peep the tattoo


today is it Dylan O’Briens birthday. so happy birthday dylan i love you so much. since it’s such a special day here’s a pic of aris bellybutton

a sweetener tour concept: while ari is singing Pete Davidson the visuals in the back are just cute videos of her and pete being all loving and cute

happy birthday to @ddlovato aka one of the best singers and persons and yes. i love you so much

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