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Goddess Gypsy 

Some how I can look so beautiful without even putting make up on.

I love my baby Bradly.

I'm honestly going through all this pain. I want to scream for help. But the words wont come out of this jail cell that I call my mind. My mind is solitary confinement. I can scream and scream. But they won't be heard. They will be ignored. Like everything is normal. Because I tuck everything away, trying to ignore what's wrong and act like everything is okay. Acting oblivious to everything.

17 and working on my birthday. Amazing. If you guys want to stop by and say happy birthday tomorrow to me at work. Go to IHOP around 5pm to 10pm. I would love to see my friends faces.

Now this man here, is probably my full on soulmate I'll be completely honest. And he is my ex. Yet he always stayed by my side. And anytime I went off with a fuck boy and came back. He was there to pick up my broken heart pieces. I did fall in love with the wrong guy and I'll always admit that. I'm still in love with the same guy. But this is my soulmate...he is everything to my heart and soul. The sad thing is, he lives in North Carolina, and he's 20. But trust me. He was always my love. I'm just too fucking stupid to get my head out of that guys ass to fucking realize that...this is my Bradly.

Honestly, I'm crying over a guy I've been in love for a long time. Shoot me in the head several times.

Why the fuck is he so goddamn sexy! He doesn't even realize how sexy he is at everything.

Stop...being so damn sexy! Like damn!

When you're the best sister ever. And buy your brother some shit (I got 2 games myself.)

When you get a okay from you mom for a tongue piercing. @sav.cant.breathe. I haven't told her about the tattoo yet.

He is so bae!!

Don't act like you don't have shit to hide because you're hiding so many things right now. You're shady af and I don't like it.

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