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multifandom  mostly posting on week-ends & only if I feel like posting

she's not a bad woman, she's just sick
dt @voidologyy bc u made me watch this series & I freakishly love it 💗tyyyy
& credits to the amazing fleur (@divxnes) for uploading on her yt how to do this particle thing, thank you so much!💗
(this edit kinda ugly I'm sorry haha)

happy birthday to one of my besties on here who's actually pretty adorable 💖 ily!
(btw inspired by many edits haha)

delena's life in 20secs

this was pretty hard but fun to make haha & but I tried some new stuff & I think I'll do more edits like this one 💖 btw inspired by everyone who uses this shadow thingy
#delena #tvd (ac moi!!)

“Sometimes there’s other things you wouldn’t think would be a good combination, end up turning out to be a perfect combination- you know? Like.. two people.. together who nobody ever thought would be together ever.” (ac me, idea thingy also me :)) dt @voidgold 💖



1/3 100th post!

eleven 11

hi I'm back with borderless edits
hope u don't mind
oh btw don't hate me pls I haven't edited in 2 weeks so it maybe isn't perfect tho

dt Mia aka @voidgold 💌 ily! u motivated me :')
cc ac me
fc 3224 i think
(a bit ib by @divxnes 💃🏻 ly lol)
#strangerthings #st #eleven #11 #hedarc

Since I reached 3k (thank you guys so so much!!) I wanted to give 12 of my fav colorings away!
I've named some of the colorings after the edits I created them for:')
•follow me!
•tag 2-3 (active) editors who maybe are interested in these colorings
•dm me & be patient, if I don't response after 2 mins 💓
•if u use one of my colorings give credit! Otherwise it would be a bit invidious & I probably would be mad lol (also I want to see your edits w/ my colorings!!)
yeah I think that's all!
(If anything isn't working dm me!)
tysm for 3k ! I can't believe I reached 3000 followers lol
But I'm vv grateful & I hope u all will stay a part of my editing trip 💓

lily collins,
for fleur <3
yay I finally posted something & whaaat I've 3k!!
I'm speechless!! tysm for everything guys ilysm!!
dt obv @divxnes (& @piercesbow bc u helped my with audio haha)
ac me give cr! (ib by @af.salvatore) cc me fc 3,018
(Ik that's not a masterpiece but I tried my best haha)
#lilycollins #omgpage

legs pushed back ;)

I'm actually proud of myself wtf
I had so much inspiration bc I watched some YouTube edits & cjdndksk
ac cc me
fc 2750
#jennifersbody #meganfox #calamitygroup #omgpage

2 of my many queens
ayE okay this is a bit more basic then the edits before but idk I kinda like it haha
btw this effect in the middle ib by a yt edit 🙌🏼
I had to repost it bc it glitched!
dt @divxnes bc u we're so nice haha
ac my audio i edited it! cc me
#tw #teenwolf #maliatate #shelleyhennig #allisonargent #crystalreed

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