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Moon climbing  👇🏻 Watch our latest film 👇🏻

Big news!! Last week @christof_rauch made the second ascent of Bokassa’s Fridge (8C) in Kōchel, 🇦🇹, 10 years after Toni Lamprecht made the first ascent. Even better was the fact that Toni was there to witness it and take a few pictures 💪🏻.
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Is it really possible to cook a risotto in 20 minutes? And all that stirring! Now I know why I only cook a risotto every 6 months, it’s just long enough to forget what a bore they are to make. #risotto

@christof_rauch crimping up the quartz vein of the @dave_graham_ classic test piece, From Dirt Grows the Flowers (8C) in Chironico,🇨🇭.
📷: David Pilaj
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Rained all day yesterday, thunder and lightning this morning but forecast said there would be a brief window of better weather around midday so we ventured out with our fingers crossed. Quick warm up on No Mans Land which felt desperate and is never E3, then round to Bout du Monde for a quick hit on La Rose et Le Vampire. This could be my all time favourite sport route. I got the 3rd ascent in 1986, came here in 2006 and did it first try, could I do the same today? No! Fell on the heartbreaker last move. Got it second try which was nice. It’s not getting any easier surprise surprise! Hopefully got some good video footage for our Buoux revisited film and nice to meet @sebbouin today. #trainhardclimbharder #climbingpicturesofinstagram #rockclimbing #moonclimbing #moonboard #buoux #laroseetlevampire #rainshadowpant

@miquelet_navarro on the second ascent of Copito in a new sector in Albarracín, 🇪🇸.
📷: @wanxipili
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After a civilised overnight ferry from Hull and a fairly leisurely drive down the autoroute du soliel we’re back once again climbing at Buoux in glorious sunshine. We had bets on whether we’d have the crag to ourselves and I won, we do! Amazing. We’re taking it easy today in preparation for hopefully filming on my old route Agincourt which I climbed 30 years ago this month! Judging by how the 6b+ warm up felt my expectations are low but whatever, it’s great to be back and hopefully we’ll have a fun week. Meeting up with @sebbouin tomorrow and hopefully @chris_sharma at the weekend if he can free up some playtime.
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Why is climbing so addictive? 💉

See the neurological effects unfold... ‘Blocbuster’ Available now! link in bio.

Tomorrow’s the day!

Check out the Moon YouTube on Jan 24th for our latest film with @dv_fitzgerald!

Blocbuster follows David’s journey to Europe to take on some of the hardest boulders in Austria and Switzerland 🇦🇹 🇨🇭Have a watch and let us know what you think! 👍👎. Pictured here is David on Shadowfax 8B, Chironico.
📷: @sam_wlkr .
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Getting some Moxa and Acupuncture for a finger tweak in preparation for a return to Buoux. It’s 30 years since my first ascent of Agincourt and I thought it would be fun to revisit the route and Buoux and make a little film. Watch this space.

@davidmason85 sticking the crux move on Voyager (8B) in the Peak District, 🇬🇧. Two years later he finally got round to finishing this great line off. 📷: Andy Jennings
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Big news!! 🚨
Our brand new bouldering film with @dv_fitzgerald will be available on Facebook/YouTube on January 24th!
Follow the journey as David takes on some of Europe's hardest boulders. 💪🇨🇭🇦🇹 Check out the official trailer to get psyched and remember to save the date! 🎥 trailer: @puzzleglass
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@michielnieuw on Orange Juice (7C+/8A) at Rocher Canon, Fontainebleau the morning before returning to a a soggy Rotterdam.
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