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First+Official Usagi Tsukino  Watashi wa Usagi! Aka Sailor Moon ++= Complete life Sister twin: @sera_vinasu  Created SM community Future's Queen Serenity

It's hard being Sailor Senshi. You have to fight evil, study hard for school and eat a lot. So if I can't find time to post here, blame the reasons above. 😭 Anyways. I hope you all are doing great. 💕✨QuQ

So how is your 2014 year so far? c: 💕 Sowy that I was pretty inactive for week... ^^; #WorldProbz .

Stop. Ruinning. My. SPOT. Goddamn it, Madoka... (._. ) ( Okay , guys, this is the last one for today. ouo I hope I didn't annoy you ><; If you wanna more crossover with SM and PMMM tomorrow comment below 💕 ! Oyasumi 💗🐰 )

Luna... ._. Stop cheating on Artemis with every white cat...

You show her, Mina. XD 💕

Gtfo, Madoka. Saving the world here... ._.

This is perf, okay? 💕QuQ

おはよう 💕 Yesterday I found few more Sailor Moon crossovers with PMMM so be ready to be spammed with them. 😋💕djjdjsd

Hellou, minna. >u< I just want to say that I'm in love with this drawing QuQ PMMM and Sailor Moon are one of my favourite shows quq 💕
And now someone drew a fanart Usagi and Madoka dksksj >u< 💗

こんにちは! 💕 How are my lovely followers? 🐰

It seems that while I was gone new members have joined #SMCommunity . ♡ But I'm still very, very happy to see my old friends here, like @sera_vinasu , @sailor_jupiter , @sailormercury__ , @luna_tsukino , @princess_kakyuu and few others. 💕>u< Love you and miss you all. A LOT. ;3; And for all new, or not very new, community members, I would like to meet you closer. 🐰 My kik is ScoutingLegion , so don't afraid to kik me and talk with me. xoxo Usagi 🐰💕✨

MINNA! >u< 💗 Gomene --; You know how busy we, Sailor Scouts, are fighting with evil cratures... >~> I just want to say that I missed you all and I'm looking forward to back to SM community. 💕✨ xoxo Usagi 🐰💗

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