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Thought I’d share this beautiful photo of the remembrance installation that the children helped create at Small’s school. First pic is it lit this evening when I collected him (from science club obvs 😁) and second is in black and white which shows the doves off beautifully. The doves are acrylic and each has a name, contributed by each of the children, of a person connected to them (if they have a person - if not they researched and contributed a name) who was involved in the Great War. Small’s name was Private John Fernie of the 1st Btn Scots Guard- his Great Great Grandad on @thebuzby ‘s side. He fell in March 1915. Absolutely beautiful and very poignant tribute. Thanks for your help with this @golflover66 ❤️ #lestweforget

All done! An actual completely complete project! A coastal Christmas designed by Eleonora @coastalcrochet and started with much enthusiasm and squealing @thecrochetsanctuary ♥️ #crochet

Awwwww look it’s my Dad (“Farf”) having a lovely time pretending to be a Harrier pilot!! Look at that face! Like a small boy in a sweet shop!! I am particularly enjoying the “don’t try to fly it you idiots” notice in the window! Also, can you see now where I get m moustache? Lovely lovely Farf ♥️ Look Jules @3littlejacks

This feels a bit mean 😳 #crochet #poorstarfish #justalittleprick

Home safe and sound from a most brilliant weekend @thecrochetsanctuary - thank you so much Amanda @littleboxofcrochet - what a treat!!!!! Stayed up far too late last night making these gorgeous little decorations by Eleonora @coastalcrochet - (check out the curls on those tentacles Eleonora- it worked!) She’s so clever. Had such a lovely weekend and if you can go to one of these amazing weekends please do (although tickets are now rarer than hen’s teeth and rightly so - Lisa and Lynda-Rose work so hard and deserve all the success! Am all fired up and inspired. I really needed that - thank you again Amanda xxx Have a fab week everyone and watch this space for starfish coming soon...hopefully! #crochet

Still at the fabulous @thecrochetsanctuary and I finished a thing! Beautiful driftwood collected for us by Eleonora @coastalcrochet wrapped in twinkly fairy lights and crocheted mistletoe. I ♥️ THIS!!! #crochet #coastalcrochet

Wow wow wow!!! Eleonora @coastalcrochet in full flow showing us how to make these incredible decorations!!! This is wonderful! Having a truly fantastic time @thecrochetsanctuary ♥️♥️♥️ #crochet

Another terrible day. It’s awful. Hahahahahhaha Hahahah Hahahaha

I have woken up early on the morning of the first full day of the amazing @thecrochetsanctuary and I’ve got to tell you that if last night was anything to go by it’s likely I’ll combust with excitement today! We all received a full box of the Scheepjes Catona minis and I can’t tell you how gorgeous it is! Look how many layers there are! Also, Amanda @littleboxofcrochet is here and she brought me my Advent Box. Now lads I’ve been wrangling these for quite some time now one way and another and this is the first actual real life one I’ve been able to see and touch and open! Customer mode: I CANNOT EVEN! it’s just gorgeous. Oh @just_pootling your designs are fab! Thank you Amanda for this lovely weekend and this lovely box and thank you gorgeous gorgeous girls of @thecrochetsanctuary - we are having a ball! 😍#crochet #weekendoff

Compare this to the last pic. Have not shifted position. This is the freakiest Twilight Zone pyjama situation ever 😂

2 things:
1. Got these PJs from Tesco and can barely cope because of the fact the fabric is the wrong way up on one of the legs. Only noticed after lowering my nether parts into them. What the hell?
2. I want to knit or crochet something with tassel trims.
That is all. Should you wish to share thoughts on the sickening misuse of this fabric OR your favourite tassel-enriched knitting pattern I am metaphorically a giant ear (and you win 4000 points if you know that reference (my money is on @3littlejacks or @catchkitey for that one) #sickeningpjs #tasselsplease

For those concerned about the ongoing absence of @thebuzby (there was maybe one person who half mentioned him out of politeness) He’s here look. He’s not gone anywhere, it’s just he’s got a grown up job now and does grown up things (not sure what exactly but something to do with computers I think. Is it? @thebuzby is it that? )Now imagining him arriving at work and playing space invaders all day. It’s not that. I’m pretty sure that’s not it. Anyway he’s fine and look, he’s even reading an actual book with his eyes and everything. It’s lovely and quiet here now. Mainly because I’ve finished binge watching The Haunting Of Hill House (on my iPad with my headphones on because that’s not @thebuzby ‘s cup of tea at all 👻) so if anyone has any further Netflix suggestions I’d welcome them. I did a lot of knitting to that program. I used the knitting as an excuse to not watch the really creepy bits (80% of it) Anyway in conclusion: Buz is safe and well and I need a new Netflix series because he won’t talk to me while he’s reading an actual book. I could’ve just said that couldn’t I? #alrightbuz #wafflewafflewaffle

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