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Young OG 🇵🇸  🏙Chicago 💈@OfficialCuts 🎯Trendsetter 📝Educator 💯10+ years experience 👇🏽Click The Link To Book

March Madness 🔪

{No Additives} Took this man as a walk in on my down time and he’s booked about 10 appointments with me since. Going to start taking time out for walk ins affective immediately so come see us @officialcuts

Cleanthiness 🔥💈🔪

{All natural} doesn’t get much better 🔥💈🔪

When I’m on a house call I’ll use the best available resources to make my station. Even if it’s a child seat 🤷🏻‍♂️💈🔪

The Fresh way is the BEST way to start your day 🔪

Well Worth watching all 55 seconds 🔪

Client ~ “I just moved from Detroit and I haven’t found a barber in Chicago I can trust” say less. We sponged the top after the shape to curl it but I like the drastic shaped look

Small details one hair at a time 🔪

Nothing wrong with getting dumb fresh on a Tuesday 🔪💈🔥

1 of my hardest clients to get a smile out of little @thereal_nikkic_ and @durkioworld

My boy T skipped a couple weeks so I had to transform him 🔪🔥💈

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