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Young OG 🇵🇸  🏙Chicago 💈@OfficialCuts 🎯Trendsetter 📝Educator 💯10+ years experience 👇🏽Click The Link To Book

{No Additives} Took this man as a walk in on my down time and he’s booked about 10 appointments with me since. Going to start taking time out for walk ins affective immediately so come see us @officialcuts

Cleanthiness 🔥💈🔪

The worst thing is when your client goes somewhere else and gets rocked and your spending the entire cut trying to fix another barbers errors. In this case it was his beard and mustache being drastically dropped from what he likes 🔪

{All natural} doesn’t get much better 🔥💈🔪

When I’m on a house call I’ll use the best available resources to make my station. Even if it’s a child seat 🤷🏻‍♂️💈🔪

The Fresh way is the BEST way to start your day 🔪

Well Worth watching all 55 seconds 🔪

Client ~ “I just moved from Detroit and I haven’t found a barber in Chicago I can trust” say less. We sponged the top after the shape to curl it but I like the drastic shaped look

Small details one hair at a time 🔪

Nothing wrong with getting dumb fresh on a Tuesday 🔪💈🔥

1 of my hardest clients to get a smile out of little @thereal_nikkic_ and @durkioworld

My boy T skipped a couple weeks so I had to transform him 🔪🔥💈

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