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Willett 14 year! This stuff isn't available down here...ever. We get some Estate Rye from time to time, and it sits on shelves for months?! Thanks @bourbonpursuit Kenny, for the chance to taste this bourbon. This really is incredibly good bourbon. 👍 Might be the thickest, oiliest, I've ever had. Perfect balance of sweetness and spiciness, with the oak influence at its peak.

I'm not even sure what the bet was that I lost!? It must have been that damn @thedrunkenpentaverate night🤔 I remember most of 2017, but not anything about that night past @renee_m_h putting her clothes back on😡

Do you follow Sara and Chad's YouTube channel? @itsbourbonnight is doing some of the most enjoyable bourbon fights on the entire Internet! Watch, follow and let Chad's OCD amuse and abuse you as he tweaks Sara's sensibilities.

Such a soft and delicate nose for what is an explosion of flavor on the palate. This seems to retain the nose of the standard Blanton's, but it doesn't waste any time letting you know it's a lot bigger in the mouth. My first taste of SFTB and it's certainly living up to my expectations. This particular barrel sucked every drop of vanilla out of the barrel and toasted a bag of marshmallows when it was charred. The more nuanced notes seem to develop way into the long, spicy finish. I pick up a little dill about 3 minutes into the finish?! Crazy good stuff that I'm going to need to ponder for awhile.

The guy doesn't even have to lock up his truck. 🙄

I know, I know. July 2nd and all that, but still funny🤣

Shout out to my friend, Paul, for the awesome samples. The "D" stands for Decades! He also sent an 8yr., age stated Turkey! Thanks, @whiskey_whisky_ for the Turkeys!

Such a decadent pour. Letting this blow off for a good 20-30 minutes is the way to go.

Truth be told, I hate 1.75 bottles and I'm happy to see this one buried. Took me a full year to drain it.

Mess with the get the horns! 😕

My best buddy, right now.

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