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Big Game at Westlake. Go Dawgs!

This isn’t going to wow anybody, but it is a solid sipper with all the hallmarks of a good Bourbon that should be something to look forward to from their own stills. Bottled in Bond and well balanced. I like it a little better than the recent Pot Still releases.

I'm going to try and get out to Hye, Texas for a Distillery tour in the next week or two. For now, I'm just gonna drink what they are making.

Friday Night Lights!

Barrell Bourbon Batch 8b from @tnbourbonguy Thick, dark and oily. Corn soufflé with a lingering, toasted jalapeño works along with toffee, vanilla and molasses. Long finish that highlights the pepper and introduces tobacco and a small amount of oak tannins. Not nearly as much butterscotch as I'm used to finding in a Tennessee bourbon. Slightly drying, but not unpleasantly so. Not the best Barrell Bourbon I've had, but very solid and complete, top to bottom. I'd give this the nod over the Peg Leg for the superior finish. 91?

Sample #3 from @tnbourbonguy Cumberland Cask Barrel Cut is a 118 proof Tennessee bourbon with a high rye mashbill that forgoes the Lincoln County process. A bit younger than the Peg Leg Porker and even with the higher ABV and higher Rye, doesn't quite match the Peg Leg for balance and flavor. It's a very good bourbon with a nice amount of butterscotch and caramel sweetness and a sturdy rye kick, but lacks the roundness that a few more years in the barrel might give. Happy to have tried it...88ish?

This stuff is seriously delicious! @tnbourbonguy sample from Peg Leg Porker, sourced from Dickel and filtered through hickory rather than maple. Sweet and smokey with a full, round flavor of a perfectly aged bourbon. I'd buy a bottle of this, even at $80! Nose to finish, good stuff.

Back in August, @tnbourbonguy and I exchanged a few samples. And the the hurricane hit and things got a little crazy down here. John sent some great samples that we can't find and today I'm finally getting to dive into them! First up, MB Roland👍Thank you, John.

This is a mix of MGP low and high rye mashbills. Nice nose, falls apart on the palate a bit from the sourness of the oak combined with a medicinal cough syrup type finish. There's some nice bourbon in here, but maybe a few too many off barrels as well?

Somebody's been stealing my air!? Just look at that morning temp, would ya?☃️

If you're not watching this game, you need to be. Score was 44-10😳

Lol! We still have our sense of humor.

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