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Monterey Bay Aquarium  🌊 Dive into the wonders of the sea and our mission to conserve the ocean! 🐙 montereybayaquarium.org 🐟 @SeafoodWatch 👻 montereyaq


Furry, feisty, paw-erful—Otter Girl! This #SeaOtterAwarenessWeek, let's meet the resident female sea otters at the heart of our Sea Otter Program!

Meet Rosa! At 18 years of age, she's our oldest sea otter—and also our blondest! Quick aside: the grizzling of sea otters doesn't have much to do with age—you can see from her pup photo that she was born blonde!

Rosa was found stranded as a four-week-old pup in north Monterey Bay in September 1999. She weighed just over five pounds at the time! In April 2000 she was released back to the wild, where she spent nearly two years as a wild sea otter—but unfortunately she began interacting with divers and climbing onto kayaks. Because of the potential risks to Rosa and people, federal wildlife officials declared her non-releasable, and we welcomed her back to the Aquarium as a permanent resident in June 2002.

During her years at the Aquarium she's put her maternal instincts to work—she's reared more pups than any other active surrogate mother!Rosa gets her name from a character in John Steinbeck's Tortilla Flat—the first of the author's novels set on Cannery Row. Thanks for all of your hard work and years of service to your species, Rosa! #montereybayaquarium #bornblonde #workingmom #girlpawer

Well hello, Monday! Time to rev up the cute for #SeaOtterAwarenessWeek!
This sleepy otter was filmed as it woke up from a nap in the protected waters of Elkhorn Slough, a wetland about 20 miles from the Aquarium. Sea otters have an apparently idyllic life: groom, eat, sleep, repeat... But what sounds like a vacation to us is anything but for these smallest of the marine mammals!
Sea otters spend hours every day grooming their million-hairs-per-square-inch fur to keep their personal drysuit up to code against 50-degree water. They must consume enough calories to fuel their furry furnaces as the ocean robs them of warmth—a female otter with a pup may need over a third of her weight in food from the seafloor grocery store to make ends meet. And sea otter beauty sleep is actually a critical energy-conservation suspended-animation session, incorporated into a busy day to power the next bout of diving, foraging and grooming.

So if you see a sleepy otter: stop, pull out your binoculars and watch from a distance to help respect the nap of these otterly impressive sea weasels! #montereybayaquarium #seaotter #respectthenap #kelpgrizzlies #iwokeuplikethis @friendsseaotters @seaottersavvy

Not all superheroes wear capes—some wear fluffy coats! Just by eating some of their favorite foods, sea otters allow nearshore ecosystems to thrive and help protect the coast from storms and erosion. 💪 #seaotterawarenessweek #youotterknow #montereybayaquarium

Aaaand they're off! #SeaOtterAwarenessWeek has officially begun. These fuzzy ocean weasels act as ecosystem engineers in kelp forests and eelgrass meadows, helping those habitats thrive and provide homes for countless other species—and protect our coastline from storms. Take a bow, sea otters. It’s your week! #youotterknow #otterthisworld #montereybayaquarium

Rest up—#SeaOtterAwarenessWeek starts tomorrow! You don’t want to miss a second of the pawesome water weasel goodness. #youotterknow #zzzotter #montereybayaquarium

Meet the newest resident of our ¡Viva Baja! special exhibition: The spotted boxfish! This polka-dotted pisces uses sound to communicate. It hums during courtship rituals and buzzes to defend itself and its mates. #talkaboutavoicebox #soonitllselloutconcerthalls #montereybayaquarium

Do kelp forests do fall colors? We'll keep an eye out and let you know! 🍂 Great 📷 by @mims_pantaloons #repost
Kelp forest, #montereybayaquarium #aquarium #shark #kelp

"Mike Bravo Alpha, Pelagic Cormorant requesting clearance to amaze over Monterey Bay." "Roger PelCor, cleared to wing it. Godspeed."
#montereybayaquarium #cormorantingandwaving #bridsaretheirownprivatejets #arebirdsowedalotofroyaltiesfromthewrightbrothers? #🤔 🦅💰

Let's see what the tide brings today! Great 📷 by @aliina0908 #repost #montereybayaquarium
Trip to Monterey 🦋

If you feel like you're going in circles, it might be time to just go with the flow. #jellywisdom Lovely 📷: by @tonylikesbikes #repost
Jellyfish #jellyfish #nature #montereybayaquarium #california

Check out this fintastic whale shark research by our colleagues at @mbari_news and their partners. 🐋🦈
A whale shark swims over the rocky seafloor near the Galapagos Islands. Photo by Jonathan Green/Galapagos Whale Shark Project. @galapagosconservationtrust

In 2016, whale sharks were declared an endangered species, their numbers threatened by shark finning, entanglement in fishing gear, and boat collisions. But one of the biggest challenges in whale-shark conservation is simply coming up with good population estimates. ⠀

MBARI biological oceanographer John Ryan recently worked with biologists who have been tracking whale sharks in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean. They discovered that whale sharks in this area spend most of their time cruising along fronts—the dynamic boundaries between warm and cold ocean waters. A recent study could help in the conservation of these endangered animals. By demonstrating that whale sharks can be found along fronts, this study will make it easier for marine biologists to estimate how many of these gentle giants are out there riding the rolling waves of the whale-shark highways.⠀

#WhalesharkWednesday #whaleshark #shark #biggestfish #bigfish #gentlegiants #Galapagos #PacificOcean #ocean #EasternEquatorialPacific #Lasers #MeasuringGiants #GalapagosWhaleSharkProject #plankton #planktoneaters #oceanlife #sealife #marinebiology #oceanography #oceanfront #whalesharks #planktonlife

Eek—pelagic red crab baby! 😍🍼🦀 Our cunning aquarists are culturing these crimson crustaceans—under the microscope, you can see their crabby characteristics crystal clear, including their square heart beating like crazy! These young pelagic red crabs are only a few millimeters across, and filmed through a high-powered microscope behind the scenes. They were raised from the adults currently on display in the Open Sea gallery. Hopefully we'll be able to raise these children of El Niño for public display! #montereybayaquarium #feelingalittlecrabby #pumppumpumpyouup! #pleuroncodesplanipesdispensers

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