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Monterey Bay Aquarium  🌊 Dive into the wonders of the sea and our mission to conserve the ocean! 🐙 🐟 @SeafoodWatch 👻 montereyaq

Volunteers gotta stay alert—you never know when there might be a mola sneaking up on you! #VolunteerAppreciationWeek #molaoverourshoulder #montereybayaquarium

Our volunteers are simply inkredible! Brian is a CSUMB graduate, avid diver, naturalist on whale watch charters, a full-time employee at the Aquarium AND a volunteer with our Husbandry team in his spare time. And he doesn't even have eight arms! 💪🐙 #VolunteerAppreciationWeek #montereybayaquarium

"There's snacks in the green room!" A big bloom of plankton is a boon for the Monterey Bay, as bands of baitfish build on the bountiful greenery, providing a banquet in turn for boisterous beasties! So the next time someone asks about what the water is so green in Monterey, just say you're looking at a "Sea Lion Starter Kit!" #montereybayaquarium #itsnoteasybeinggreen #helloitsme

Our volunteers are everywhere, and they never demand a raise! Over 1,500 volunteers work across all of our departments. Whatever your favorite exhibit or animal, you've got a volunteer to thank! #montereybayaquarium #nationalvolunteerweek #weloveourvolunteers❤️

Don’t forget to notice the details. 📷: @meredith_bonaire #montereybayaquarium

Volunteers provide the personal touch that makes our mission possible. A beautiful display with animals isn't enough—volunteers sharing their passion and making a personal connection with our guests is at the heart of what we do. Thank you volunteers!! #montereybayaquarium #nationalvolunteerweek #couldntdoitwithoutthem #heytheresevenvolunteersattheaquariumtoday! #🙏🙏🙏

From tuna fins to turtle flippers, catch up on the latest from our scientists (link in profile)! We continue to pursue new research projects as we aim to inspire a new generation of science-literate citizens—because science is at the core of our conservation mission, and inspires everything we do. #MarchForScience #montereybayaquarium

Round of a-paws, you made it to the weekend! 📷: @thisisirenes #pawsitivelyawesome #montereybayaquarium

How very exci-ctene! Our intrepid jelly aquarists have bred Hormiphora californensis "sea gooseberries" for the first time! They're on display now if you wish to comb over and see them. #smellslikectenespirit #ctenophorever #hormiphoratheexplorers #usuallyprecededbyahandfulofseaduckberries #montereybayaquarium

No octos here, just some coral. Move along! 📷: @m2handphotography #montereybayaquarium

It’s always a good day with leopard sharks ❤️🦈. 📷: @nykaloren #montereybayaquarium

Our comb jelly aquarists are a ctenophore-ce to be reckoned with. They figured out how to raise many of these enigmatic invertebrates right here at the Aquarium! Follow the link in profile to learn more about how the team cracked the code of comb jelly culture. #montereybayaquarium #combjelly #ctenophore #wyatttommymackenzieftw #bestcoiffedcrewisthecombjellycrew #ctenophorescoreandjustafewyearsago #combegalevelaquarists

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