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Monterey Bay Aquarium  🌊 Dive into the wonders of the sea and our mission to conserve the ocean! 🐙 🐟 @SeafoodWatch 👻 montereyaq

Welcome to Shark Week! Numerous shark species call Monterey Bay home, from the graceful leopard shark to the elusive Pacific angel shark and the iconic white shark. Join us in celebrating them all week! #SharkWeek #leapingleopardsharks #montereybayaquarium

The Sun rises over golden fields of algae, their hanging gardens planted to sheer granite walls and uncovered by the low tide, ancient in its ways, eagerly exposing this wonder of the water world. Happy #SeaweedSunday! #hanginggardensofbabylocean #donttakethemforgranite #morelikeglowtideamirite?

Did you know there's a deep-sea sea star known as the "slime star" because it has the ability to make mucous? Now you do! Happy #DeepSeaSaturday, courtesy of our friends at @mbari_news! @mbari_news #repost
This deep-sea starfish is known as a "slime star" due to its ability to produce mucous. This one, Hymenaster sp., has a soft, squishy membrane covering its whole body besides its tube feet. The name Hymenaster translates from the Greek (Hymen = "membrane" and aster = "star"). MBARI's ROVs have spotted them on the deep seafloor between 1,000 and 4,000 meters. ⠀

It’s summer aka tufted puffin mating season, which means our puffins are strutting their stuff in their breeding plumage! Summer fashion for tufted puffins includes bright orange bill plates and feet, a white “mask” across the eyes, and of course, golden “tufts” of feathers on the head. #summerstyle #montereybayaquarium

Jumping into the weekend like... a Risso's dolphin in Monterey Bay! Delightful photo from Moss Landing by local photographer @hiimjoe88.
Yes, we know—how is it a dolphin if it doesn't have that classic "nose"?! The long rostrums of bottlenose and common dolphins are certainly recognizable, but many dolphins—like white-sided and Risso's—have shorter snouts, resembling porpoises. The big tell that you're looking at a dolphin and not a porpoise? The dorsal fin of a dolphin has a curved trailing edge that, while porpoises have triangular dorsal fins without much—if-any—curvature. Another clue? Dolphins have conical teeth, white porpoises have teeth that look like little spatulas! #montereybayaquarium #rissowhat? #rissomg #rissonlythebestdolphinsever

The Monterey Bay is doing its best impression of our sea nettle exhibit! 😜These brown sea nettles (Chrysaora fuscescens) washed in to Monterey Harbor a few weeks ago, part of a massive bloom millions strong. #montereybayaquarium #soreadyforthesejellies #stingsnewalbum #hardyharbor

🚨SEA OTTER PSA!🚨In April, a White House executive order called for a review of national marine sanctuaries and monuments for oil and gas development. This is otterly worrisome, because oil spills are a fundamental threat to California’s sea otter population.
If you’d like to lend a paw to keep sea otters protected, the link to leave a comment on the executive order is in our bio. Make sure to upload a photo of your favorite marine sanctuary if you've got one! Here's some sample text to help inspire your comments:

If you live or work in California:
– I live/work in ___, California, and I am proud that my state is home to four national marine sanctuaries. The expansions of Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary and the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary each involved years of public input and agency collaboration.
– They were expanded to increase science-based protections for the exceptional marine wildlife and habitats that help drive our economy and inspire our way of life.
– Please maintain the full extent of protections for each of the California National Marine Sanctuaries.
If you live outside of California:
– I am proud to live in a country that protects its unique and valuable natural resources, especially wildlife and habitats in our ocean and Great Lakes. I strongly support full protection for each of our national marine sanctuaries and national marine monuments.
– These areas were designated and expanded with bipartisan support, scientific input and broad community participation. They protect the long-term health of natural resources that enhance the well-being of local communities, and contribute billions to the U.S. economy.
– Please maintain the full extent of protections for each of the nation’s National Marine Sanctuaries and National Marine Monuments.

Thanks for speaking out in support of national marine sanctuaries—and their associates sea otters! #montereybayaquarium #conservationworks #lendottersapaw #youotterlypawesomereader

Whale look at that, you made it to Humpback Day! Humpback whales are named for the shape of their dorsal fins and the way they arch their backs at the start of a dive. These majestic cetaceans grace the waters of Monterey Bay year round but we see more during the summer, when humpbacks migrate here from Costa Rica to join in the annual feeding frenzy. #omnom #whalecome #montereybayaquarium #humpbackday

Lovely look at our Kelp Forest exhibit by @kathrinejanjak #repost

The solution to helping keep plastic out of sea turtle's tummies—and the ocean—is #InOurHands. From choosing reusable grocery bags over single-use plastic ones to declining single-use plastic straws in your drinks, your choices make a difference for the ocean. Check out the link in our profile to see how you can help! #yestoturtles #nottosingleuseplastic #montereybayaquarium

Leatherback sea turtles have been spotted in the bay recently—and talk about turtle power! The leatherbacks you see in Monterey Bay swim nearly 7,000 miles to get here, paddling across the Pacific to feast on jelly blooms. These largest of the sea turtles can grow over 6.5 feet long and weigh up to 2,000 pounds. Turtley awesome photo by @justinhofman #turtlepower #montereybayaquarium #turtletuesday #seaturtle #montereybaywatch

Risso's dolphins have been a near-daily staple along Cannery Row for a few weeks now. These squid enthusiasts are apparently enjoying Monterey Bay's calamari specials! #montereybayaquarium #MontereyBaywatch #grampusgriseus #dolphinatelyawesome #gonnagoseethemonporpoise #whaleycool

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