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Teeguh Norwood 

I stay to myself, I'll explain myself ...I can't play myself .

Became my own G O A L S #CantStopWontStop #SlimThick4eva lol


Tunnel Vision

Ain't nothing in life perfect, especially when it comes to love . You don't have to agree with how people choose to love each other or how they define their relationship, but you definitely have to respect how REAL it is, and how Happy and true they are living within themselves and each other. This is some real shit that I love to see . Because I already know my views and mindset is so far different from many of those around me however I don't care. I do what I choose that keeps me happy and that's all that matters. Its never been about what YALL think or feel, it's on THEM . I look up to real stuff like THAT not all this extra out here . S/o to them though !!! πŸ‘πŸΎ this so dope .



A night out .

They say all it takes sometimes is a smile and you hooked for life πŸ™ƒ

Arch that back babyy

Give it all you've got in whatever it is you put your mind to. 2nd workout of the day done. I love this sh*t 😝.

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