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Lexie  ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀• ⠀Im 5' of positivity, curiosity, and rage ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀•⠀ ☀️|| Ohio / ‘21 🍒|| Other acc @deevuh 💧|| @vpfashion code “monsterology” 💸off

❣️Have you been to any concerts before? If so who have you seen live?
⚡️I saw one when I was 9 but haven’t since but hopefully when I can drive I’ll be able to. Also this is makeup obviously. It is my second time doing sfx makeup n I don’t rlly like how it turned out but oH wElL.

✨How long have you been following me? I’m curious.✨
🍒Today I did family photos and I do look cute n was n a cute outfit and all but I still think the photos turned out bad lmao⚠️my extensions are from @vpfashion and are 22” and 190g!!! Use my code “monsterology” for $10 off!⚠️

I start school in like 12 days and I’m insanely unready and unhappy about it. This is the first year I’ve wanted summer break to not end so soon and dreaded the idea of going back. Typically by the end of summer I’m excited to go back lmAo💔
My shirts from @whorerstoriesna 💔they released this one yesterday!

🍒Comment some advice for the freshmen starting high-school this year!
🖤take me to hell, tell me it’s heaven. 💔 this shirt is from @whorerstoriesna !!! They are releasing it tomorrow so if you’re interested in that you should go check them outu!⚡️

The first photo is of today, dozers second birthday! The second photo is last year on dozers first birthday!!! Happy 2nd birthday to the best good boy to ever exist!! It’s so crazy Watching my baby grow (,: it’s like yesterday he was a puppy and was destroying everything in the house ❤️❤️

🍒I just slept for 17 fucking hours wbu(:
🖤These extensions are from @vpfashion !!! Use my code “monsterology” if you buy from them for money off!!

My photos have gone down in quality I think but hopefully I’ll be able to buy a tripod soon (for photos) but I recorded a video last night that took like a solid 4/5 hours to completely edit. I’m still debating on posting it though. Here’s some videos and photos of good boys

🍒How old are you?
(: extensions are from @vpfashion And are 20” and 190g❤️ use my code “monsterology” for money off if buying from them ❤️isn’t this edgy. If you repost this photo give me credit pls lmao. I slept until 2 pm today which is an hour earlier than yesterday? This is progress.

🍒Comment your Snapchat username I’m gonna add some new people 🍒🍒
☀️These extensions are from @vpfashion of course! 20” and 190g! You can use my code “monsterology” for money off! I dyed the 613A extensions and used ions light golden blonde! As well with a 20 volume developer. I didn’t get to show me putting all the extensions in and it cuts a little bit but I uploaded a similar video to this where I do show it! //
❤️you can also thank Instagram for making the quality worse ):❤️My other acc is @deevuh !

Hey how are all of you? Tell me something I don’t know. I don’t know what this video is or why I recorded it but I’m making a cake rn. These extensions are from @vpfashion and are 20 inches n 190g!❤️❤️ i recorded some videos that I’ll get to edit tonight which is f u n. I actually love editing.

I just need something to post so

🍒Do you think social media does more bad or good for people?🍒
💧The necklace I’m wearing is from @drippyblissco ! You can use my discount code “monsterology” for money off! 💧
☀️I see both pros and cons of social media. While being on it I get educated about things which is nice but I also understand how toxic of a place it can be and that people can be bitches. Tbh that shit doesn’t get to me but I know it does others and it can be b a d.☀️

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