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Monstercat  Empowering a creative and passionate community through innovation. Welcome to the Family! 😺 Monstercat Uncaged Vol. 5

Today we got lost in space with @kovenuk’s new ‘Reality Reach’ EP! What a thrill to propel into the heavens with such awesome music. Keep your eye out for a future contest where we’ll give away 10 limited edition ‘Reality Reach’ physical CDs that went into space, and don’t forget to check out the EP! #MonstercatInstinct

Space flight sponsored by our friends at @jaegermeisterde and @sentintospace

Oh… Yeah! Turn up the volume on our awesome mix of music from last week!

@dirtyphonics “Sayonara”
@cloudnonemusic “None Trick Pony”
@slanderofficial & @crankdat “Kneel Before Me” feat. @askingalexandria
#Ephixa “Dreamstate” 🎧

A couple of hats waiting patiently for next year’s Crab Rave. What’s your favourite piece of Monstercat merch? Post a pic on your own account over the weekend, tag us or use #Monstercat or #MonstercatShop for a chance to win one of these classic hats! 📸

Riding through imagination with wind at his beak, Ephixa paves the road with a breathtaking  new track, “Dreamstate”! #MonstercatInstinct 🐧🏍️ #Ephixa #Dreamstate #NewMusicFriday #Monstercat

The storm is here... @slanderofficial & @crankdat “Kneel Before Me” feat. @askingalexandria - the perfect combination for havoc is out now on #MonstercatUncaged!

#SLANDER #Crankdat #AskingAlexandria #KneelBeforeMe #NewMusic

Proudly co-released with @sumerianrecords

An atmospheric expedition from @cloudnonemusic painting a brilliant picture in sound with “None Trick Pony”! A perfect introduction to this exciting new artist out now on #MonstercatInstinct! Say hi to him in the comments! 🎧

Say goodbye to everything you thought you knew, @dirtyphonics takes it to a whole new level with “Sayonara” tearing it up on #MonstercatUncaged!

#Dirtyphonics #Sayonara #NewMusic #Monstercat 📷 @_brandonartis

Weekend Recap! Two sides connected by the power of music!

@djgammer “Needed U”
@snareskin “Mad For You” feat. @listentotrove
@killparismusic “Two Minds” feat. @timmoyo
@vicetone “Walk Thru Fire” feat. @meronieee 🎧

🖐 It’s about that time... Pre-order: 13.08.18

Vol. 5: 16.08.18


🔥 Fresh @vicetone is your new addiction - “Walk Thru Fire” feat. @meronieee is what you need to add to your playlist now! Always a pleasure to have new Vicetone for you, and we can’t wait for them to join us this month at Monstercat Compound! #MonstercatInstinct

#Vicetone #MeronRyan #WalkThruFire #NewMusic

Let’s hear it for @killparismusic! What a thrill to welcome this fantastic artist who we’ve been fans of for a long time! His incredible new tune, “Two Minds” feat. @timmoyo is out on #MonstercatUncaged!

#KillParis #TimMoyo #TwoMinds #NewMusic

Monstercat Uncaged @amsterdamdanceevent presented by @bassrush proudly brings you a lineup that is the definition of insanity: @noisia_official @feedme @modestep @djgammer @pegboardnerds @muzzymusic @goingquantum @tokyomachinedesu and Orri & Friends! Needless to say, we can’t wait - see you on October 18th! 🔥 🔥

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