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The name of the game is #stabilization! Knee flexors don't function independently, so use resistance bands to activate those synergists. Luckily I had @dl0fit to help me out.

I know all my followers ❤️ lunges! So here's a lateral lunge that will help those of you #rehabbing #sore #knees.

#Stable #knees are critically important to your overall health and your #spinal health. This week we will share some simple exercises that you can add to your routine to help out those ailing knees! We've once again partnered with @dl0fit to give you some visual guides. Can't thank him enough.

Another day helping folks feel their greatest. Improving #function, #qualityoflife and obliterating #pain. A little help from my favorite assistant doesn't hurt either ☺️. Can't stress how amazing this product really is!

Our daily #activities and #habits shape our future #wellbeing. #Routines have predetermined destinations. What habits and routines will you nurture? 🐒💻

A great exercise to #strengthen and target the posterior #shoulder #muscles. This one is not for #rehab of chronic or acute #injuries so consult with your #healthcare provider if you're following a rehab protocol. Another big thank you to @dl0fit for helping share this weeks shoulder posts.

We are picking up with Day 4 of #shoulder #rehab. Check out @dl0fit as he demonstrates a shoulder #circumduction exercise that will get you on the rode to recovery.

Day 3 of #shoulder #rehab. The first exercise is shoulder flexion and the second is shoulder abduction. Keep up the work and get those shoulders and #rotator cuffs stable and healthy.

Day 2 of #shoulder #rehab. Today we target the external rotators. @dl0fit shows you how it's done.

This week @dl0fit and I will be posting #shoulder stabilization #exercises. If you've been dealing with a nagging #injury that just won't get 100% better, follow the instructions on this week's posts to get over the last hurtle.

Came for my #spine stayed for the stickers! You're never too young to get #adjusted.

Increase your core activation with this weeks #ThursdayStretch. You can throw an #exercise ball into just about any stretch or exercise to increase your core #activation. We love it! Thank you @dl0fit for helping demonstrate these to all of our followers!

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