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Mona Ahmed  I am always down for breakfast, love photos, and am proud of my Egyptian roots~ Here's to being cliche and indulging in music, friends and coffee!

“Sorry guys, whatever it takes/ So-and-so wants to know if I'm okay/ Yeah, sure, I'm straight” The best fucking show ever. ✨💙🔪@sleighbells it’s like drowning in people...

@groovngoldie throwin mad looks 🔥...while I don’t even know where we are. I love you 💜✨

That time you had a party and I couldn’t get any of our faces in the shot. I can’t imagine my life without you. ✨ I could follow you back to the beginning/ Just to relive the start/ And maybe then we'll remember to slow down/ At all of our favorite parts 🎼

Well qualified to represent the LBC. Home is not having to use a gps, good friends and warm donuts. I can’t express my gratitude and love enough. #stilljennyfromtheblock

Part II Egyptian Queens ☀️✨

Guys why did my parents tell me sandals + socks were okay? Smh🔪 My sister, Yasmin and I circa 2004. Since this was taken, my sister has grown up to be a chill ass, strong and smart young lady. I love you more than I know how to express dude & I can’t wait to see all the amazing things you accomplish. 💜✨💙

We never really understand how precious the small things are—do we? My dad has opened this gate six days a week, every week for 18 years. The first time I drove a manual was on this lot—As soon as I hit the street the 1970s Mercedes burst into flames. I spend so much time running from trauma & instead end up forgetting the riches. Praying for the strength to forgive myself & those I love.

“When I walk alone I'm walking with you/ When I sleep alone I'm sleeping with you/ When I just drink alone, I get so drunk with you” @choirofthemind your creativity, introspection and determination to finish a show never cease to amaze me. If you ever want a photographer I will quit my life to follow you.

This means so much to me ❤️ I miss our long nights and diner trips. Seriously, one of the best parts of my life ✨ I love you dude, thank you for the goodies.

The little brown girl weeping in front row during this was me. California nights make me feel so happy I could die.☀️🌊✨@bestcoast one of my best friends put you on a mix in 2010 & the rest was history. Where ever you are dude, I love you.

Have you ever been in love? My love for Long Beach is like an HIV: it's in my blood, severely hurts from time to time & is definitely life threatening without proper treatment.

In mid morning light, I waited for you. I'd give anything for this sense of familiarity again.

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