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Monk Photography

Hoisting from water
Model: Denise Odorico
Location: Dolce Vista Lovers Suite, I-Suite hotel, Rimini 
Hoisting from water is the literal translation of the "Mizuage" (水揚げ) ritual: it was a ceremony undergone by a Japanese maiko (apprentice geisha) to signify her coming of age.

COLD (cit.)
Model: @e_slimsg

Crying in the rain

Shadows and Shapes

Model: @numa.inkmodel

Free the nipple
Model: @numa.inkmodel

Monki Mansion
(A personal worthless and irreverent tribute to Hugh Hefner and his life)

with: @stelladiplastica_n._nervitesi @farina_davena @numa.inkmodel

Assassin's Creed
Part 1: sober climbs, sober pics
Model: @sara.gimmi

@ Guardia Perticara

Model: @luxes_sgh

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