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mo🦋 🇲🇽🇦🇲  🦋Mexican/Lebanese-Armenian 🦋Personal Trainer 🦋 I like to eat,lift heavy things, and I’m funny

My mom and I graduated on the same day....I have no words🦋🦋 She makes me so proud and she doesn’t even know it yet but she’s the reason I’m motivated to further my education. I cried at her masters hooding ceremony yesterday😅 This woman has GIVEN UP EVERYTHING after having me at 21 years old and she never fails to go after what she wants 💪🏼better believe she’s going for her doctorates degree too. Mi madre doesn’t know what excuses are and that’s one of the best qualities she has taught me. ( side note: she likes listening to metal hence the horns)

Celebrated my graduation with a full body HIIT workout with @lelacb today 😂 Try this Superset after your leg day or if you need a little more cardio in your life ❣️ We repeated this 4x

Bachelor of Arts in nobody gives a fuck😛😂 even though I joke around a lot about getting my degree this is still a proud moment for me. I’ve learned a lot, like how I’m still going to be a fitness insta person while I simultaneously help other woman reach their goals. And together we will slay your lives🦋 perro now I’m college educated and have a degree 😛😅

Haven’t done a physique update since I’ve been at a 120 pounds from a 106 back in January but here it is and I couldn’t be happier 💪🏼 ass and thighs thicker waist not as slim but ASS AND THIGHS THICKER so who cares , not me. I have more energy in the gym and I’m getting stronger 🦋

Ab/Glute Super Set🍑🤜🏼 I never dedicate a full day to abs I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. I just throw in random ab workouts here and there PLUS your abs should always be engaged in every single workout you do.

Focused on the posterior leg chain today aka hammies,glutes, and calves🔥 Also why wouldn’t I listen to this song and lose brain cells🍑🍑🍑
✖️5x10 on the Hack Squat
✖️ Single Leg RDL 5x5 each leg
✖️RDL 5x10
✖️ Hamstring Curls, these are harder than it looks gets my hamstrings more sore than the machine. Did these till failure🔥

Going to post some leg workouts later tonight 🤟🏼 my legs are already fucked up. Also I do work out upper body I should post more of my arm/back workouts so your mans could take notes. 😂

I wanna get so thick that everyone in the gym gets super uncomfortable 😂🤟🏼

HAMMIES🔥🔥🔥6 second negatives, somewhat explosive positives( not really) still want to work on my control, and my range of motion is getting so much better. Negatives is on the way down and Positives is on the way up. DO NOT lock out your knees in this exercise and if your range of motion (ROM) is not this advanced don’t go this deep during the exercise and start to arch your back . Keep a straight back, and go as deep as YOUR body allows.

Happy Mother’s Day Queen and real life twin 🦋🦋 you’ve given me the greatest gift of life but also taught me how to deal with the realities of it too💕 You’ve sacrificed the best years of your life for me and I’ll never disappoint you 🦋 love you Mamita @mimihaddad123 YOU’RE A BAD BITCH LATINA who will never take bullshit from anyone and you’re my inspiration and role model FOREVER. 🦋

LOL anybody else at 15 used to think wow when I’m 22-23 going to be in a serious relationship with a mans who’s all about me, engaged by 25, married by 26, first baby by 27 LMALOAOLOOAOAO JESUS IS LIKE BITCH YOU MOTHER FKN THOUGHT little hoe😂😂

Dat assss🍑You know how some people say “ I love fitness but my life doesn’t revolve around the gym , I enjoy other things too .” Yea can’t relate lmao. My gym schedule is disciplined and is my priority. I do revolve my life around when I go to the gym. I feel like some people see that as obsessive but it’s really not. It’s something I LOVE to do and makes me feel good. You know what’s obsessive and insane to me? Slaving away at a job you make a priority because you’re controlled by money and to scared to find a job you fkn like and then use that said job as an excuse for not having time or energy for yourself to workout. I’m sure some of you don’t give a shit about my opinion but I also don’t give a shit about yours when you tell me I should take a rest or not workout so much. Stop trying to control other peoples happiness and passions. ✌🏼