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mo🦋 🇲🇽🇦🇲  🦋Mexican/Lebanese-Armenian 🦋Personal Trainer 🦋 I like to eat,lift heavy things, and I’m funny

Use my discount code 🦋💕moniqueehaddad20 at @felinaintimates to buy a bodysuit like this one to take thirst traps... then send it to the fuckboy who ghosted you so his new girl sees 😂😂😂

Me when I smile or say hi to someone and they don’t smile back kk fuck you then 😑 😂

No mans no problem still going to spoil myself 🙂 little set from @felinaintimates use my discount code moniqueehaddad20 🦋

All my great grandparents were murdered in the Armenian Genocide but here I am 103 years later not even full Armenian still slaying and speaking the language and able to read and write it too 😏😏 they would be proud

Big Mood on a Monday

Don’t let anyone ever make you think that thick thighs don’t save lives cause they do🙂

One of my goals every time I’m in a gym is to make men uncomfortable 😂 lmao because for the longest time I would feel so awkward working out and being 1 out of 2 girls in the weight lifting area☹️ (which should change by the way) BUT WHO GIVES A FUCK ladies get your shit done ✅

me to me after laughing at my own jokes

When you’ve been going crazy con los chicharrones so you have to do some abs, no but really I did abs today and a lower back exercise cause my arm is fucked UP ( I have golfers elbow) AND IVE NEVER GOLFED IN MY LIFE but whateva. 😂😂
❌ Lower Back Extension 5x10
❌Leg Raises w/ Band 5x10
❌Plank Step Outs w/ Band 5x10
my butt should have been more down 😠 rookie mistake ❌ Ab Scissors w/ Band 5x10
The Band I was using is from amazon the brand is Perform Better and resistance is Medium but resistance feels extra heavy they’re just thicker, like me :)

You gotta be nice for whatttttt, real time video of me growing my ass to waist ratio one day at a time🤲🏼 try this super set for those glute gains. A thicker mo is a happy mo 🦋

Can we take a second to caption these lmao

Lmao find yourself some real friends

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