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This guy 😍 not only supports me in whatever I want to do but is my co-pilot for every adventure. Anyway, here’s a pic of him shaving the back of my head. (Don’t worry Ma I promise it’s cute!)

📷+👕 @mikesassano

He’s my ⚡️sole⚡️ mate
(I flat tired him and broke his right shoe so I turned mine off to match cause I’m nice like that)

Click the link👆🏼to see me talk with my hands about why I care so much about ending drunk driving.

on the balcony

This about sums up our little street, it doesn’t look like much now but we will...
• Stay hungry • Stay on that grind • Stay committed •
Something Big: Coming to your senses soon.

Just kidding! Of course I’m coming for your big day! #SURPRISE! #ourlittlegrad

Who knew this girl, with the snake wrapped around her neck, whose entire dorm room was zebra print, would be GRADUATING LAW SCHOOL one day!! 🎓 She the hardest worker and most wonderfully herself person I’ve ever known. Wish I could be wrangling snakes and celebrating with you this weekend! ☹️

by the power vested in me by the internet SHE’S MY SISTER! #savandehei

It was a @coacHELLA ‘va day

Things I’m proud of: this guy and this blanket.
feat. Frika

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