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I spend too much time on my phone, and maybe you do too? Make sure to strengthen the back body to maintain good posture! Try out these three Pilates moves on the foam roller: 1) Swan Prep Variation 2) Single Leg Kick Variation 3) Double Leg Kick Variation. Have fun!
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Here are 4 Pilates preps I use to “set” my shoulders before a workout. I love using the roller as I can feel the movements more, however you can do this on the mat without the roller too:-)
1) Elevation / Depression
2) Protraction / Retraction
3) Arm Reaches
4) Arm Scissors

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Challenging myself with smaller work surface this morning ( Hundred through Spine Stretch Forward). It always amazes me how much more challenging it is with this series on the #wundachair rather than on a mat on the floor! 💪
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Try out this stability ball workout this week!
1. squats+ stay low with arm reaches+ lower lift of heels
2. half rollback
3. oblique twists
4. stretch
5. side stretch
6. kneeling mermaid
7. legpull front prep
8. knee stretches/plank
Have fun!
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#marchmatness2018 - Cuteness alert with my daughter in the openlegrocker (turn sound on sound to hear great giggles! Her comment at the end is awesome:-) ❤️👼😁 @marchmatness #pilates #pilatesmom #pilatesmat

#throwbackthursday #repost of a foam roller workout from a year ago. Have fun!
1⃣ Hundreds
2⃣ Toe taps (option to add arm reaches)
3⃣ Pelvic curl/hiprolls
4⃣ Knee stretches
5⃣ Scissors
6⃣ External shoulder rotation, then Inner thigh lifts, then both together
7⃣Side body twist
8⃣ Swan dive
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On day 3 #marchmatness we work the #rollover. Love all the posts from around the world and happy to be part of this:-) Only add the rollover when you can bring the legs overhead with control, and not momentum. Until then, leave it out and practice shoulder bridge prep and other exercises until you’ve developed the necessary flexibility in spine, back of legs, and shoulders. 🗝 Keep the arms straight and the hand palms flat on the mat. 🗝 Keep the head neutral, and heavy into the mat, watching compression of neck.
@marchmatness #marchmatness #marchmatness2018

#marchmatness After getting our heart pumping and circulation going with the 💯, we start articulating the spine in the Roll Up.
Two versions: 1) arms reaching to the ceiling 2) arms reaching to back wall. If your ribs are flaring and elbows bending as you reach, reach more to the ceiling instead of back.
Keeping the arms by the ears when rolling up and down makes it most challenging, whereas lowering the arms toward the thighs helps you articulate more easily.
Personally, I have a tough with mobility in the lower back with the legs together and straight and use an ankle strap to help me work the articulation articulation, or I could l hold onto light weights or bend the knees a little.
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I’m excited to join MarchMatness! I love how everyone around the world is coming together and sharing our ❤️ for all variations of Joe’s work. On day 1 of #marchmatness we start with the 💯to warm up the body and get the circulation going. I’m showing three versions here:
1) Most supported, works great for anyone with a lower body injury
2) Intermediate where we start with the legs closer to the body and then extend legs to where we can stay in the abs.
3) Advanced 🗝 Pump your hands above the level of the hips. 🗝 Breathe in for five counts and out for five counts, for ten full sets = 100! Or challenge the the intensity and breathe in for 4 and out for 6. Too much? Start by breathing in for 4 and out for 4 for fewer sets. 🗝 Think of pumping up, up, up, not down, down, down.
🗝 Lower the legs as far as you can stay connected with your powerhouse.
#marchmatness #marchmatness2018 #hundred #pilatestoronto #josephpilates #classicalpilates @marchmatness

My favourite kind of break during practice is when my daughter comes into the studio asking me if she can help me. ❤️
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One of my favourite moments of last week was to receive a session by one of the apprentices in our comprehensive teacher training program. Already certified in contemporary Pilates, she is exploring the classical way, and is seriously kicking butt. Oh and she is subbing my lunch class today! @li.jenny123 #teasertuesday #pilatesmatwork #pilateslovers #teaser #josephpilates #classicalpilates #teachertraining

How do you stay connected to the different levels, modifications and variations that Pilates has to offer? Personally, I do “pretend practice” as an intermediate student, or someone with a shoulder issue, etc., in addition to of course practicing at my own level. Here is a snippet from my intermediate classical practice this past Tuesday, with a couple of variations.
Want to learn how to teach Pilates? Full comprehensive classical training recognized by the PMA starting in spring with me in Toronto. DM me if you’re interested:-) #classicalpilates #pilateslovers #reformer #intermediateseries #pilatesgirl #pilateseverydamnday

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