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Revenue Breakthrough

Earlier today during our Platinum Mastermind #meditation #serinity #peace

Celebration! First cooked meal - I am humble - from Cafe Gratitude. 14 days, all raw, no sugar, no fruit,no cooked foods. It was an amazing cleanse that brought so much to the surface about my life. As I get back into the real world it's going to take some adjustment time to make real changes. But the first step is taken - set aside real hour long lunch breaks. It's the baby steps that make it possible.

Happy Sunday! New friends make everything better.

Creating food. Creating new business ideas.

Day 9 with all raw foods and no sugars-even fruit - it's intense. But I've noticed that my mind is clearing. I'm getting ready to go home and knock it out of the ballpark this year. Sometimes you need to reset to make the next leap.

Growing businesses...growing similar- lots of water and love and care needed.

Getting my hulk on. #wheatgrassrocks

Learning how to sprout. My mom and dad make sprouted I know how to sprout others. Sometimes learning something that is totally different than your business is exactly what you need!

Day 4 without sugar,salt,dairy,gluten and eating all raw foods. It's taking lots of effort but I'm getting there. After 3 days of green juices, a tomato feels like a treat. I'm still dreaming of salt...😄Here's what I've noticed: physical challenges really help guide mental ones. I did two things today that I was afraid of...and I did them with ease. It's amazing what challenging yourself does on every level

What a great presentation today from our sponsor @infusionsoft! Make sure to make your way over!!! #mym2017 #mastèryourmoney

Panel time! Listen to these awesome women talk about there experiences with working with Monica!! #mym2017 #masteryourmoney

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