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VerdaeP etzolds  Greetings! 💵 34 years 👛 you can learn how it's done too 👛followyourdreams💲instaquotes💶

To understand Fogo Island, you have to understand what this little artist studio sitting all alone on the rocky shores really means. Zita Cobb grew up on the island, but spent many years Away (as Newfoundlanders would say) where she enjoyed a successful career. In 2001 though she decided to dedicate her life to philanthropic efforts back on her home island. Zita built the Fogo Island Inn, but the hotel is actually part of something much larger.
Zita’s Shorefast Foundation believes that social engagement and the communities themselves can be nurtured and encouraged to stimulate local economies. There is an inherent value in any given place, but the key is finding and nurturing that value, the cultural heritage as it were. One way they’re working on that is through their artists-in-residence program. Building 4 wonderfully unique studios, artists from around the world apply to spend a few months on the island, creating new work and engaging with the local community. In a belief that the arts can have an amazing affect on a community, it seems that after only a few years that concept has been proven true.

Zita’s main goal is to save her home island and other rural communities like it around the world. Rural places have value and this value can be reclaimed and made relevant for the 21st century. Instead of lamenting the loss of small towns and villages and the loss of a way of life, it is possible to not only halt that loss of cultural capital, but usher in a new age for these communities - a rebirth of hope, optimism and creativity.
I love all of these messages and in particular, I love how the arts are leading this economic change on Fogo. It’s not just a nice idea either, just take a quick look around and you’ll see instantly not a dying series of communities, but a populace that is excited for what the future holds.
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Tanzania. A Dazzle. That’s what a group of zebras is called, and after spending MANY hours watching them while on safari in Tanzania I can understand why. Of course it’s not the only reason to be dazzled by the wildlife in this amazing country (see what I did there?), especially when visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Site Ngorongoro Crater. The 12-mile wide Ngorongoro Crater is not your normal place. Usually referred to as a real-life Garden of Eden, unique conditions in the crater mean that many different kinds of wildlife call this pristine area home all year. While there were some individual moments I know I’ll always remember, the entire day spent there exploring was one of those experiences that define not just a trip, but a lifetime of traveling. It’s a one-stop-shop for African wildlife, from elephants wandering through the lush if not small forests to countless zebra and wildebeests, birds like the flamingo and more fearsome animals like Cape buffalo, hippos and multiple prides of lion. Helping us find all of these animals was our amazing aktravel_usa guide, a gentlemen who never let us down during our remarkable week of exploration.
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Life is all about best friends & wild adventures 🌾✨ Festival shoot for spell_byronbay 💕
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A nice day in Paris. // Une belle journée à Paris. ⠀
Thanks to miss_sego for this beautiful pic! // Merci à miss_sego pour cette belle photo !🔝👍✨💯
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ⠀
Keep using or paris_tourisme to share your pictures of Paris and its region! // Continuez d'utiliser ou paris_tourisme pour partager vos clichés de Paris et sa région !⠀
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La splendide vue de hotelduquesneeiffel mais cette fois des toits en compagnie du frérôt qui sait pourquoi phil_a_paname , de l'Amadeus de la photo frankyyy007 et de notre hôte laetilozio encore un grand merci merci pour cet accueil qui fait toujours autant plaisir en belle compagnie 🙏🙏😉😘 Hôtel Duquesne Eiffel
23 avenue Duquesne
75007 Paris
+ 33 (0)1 44 42 09 09
+ 33 (0)1 44 42 09 08

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2016 in 31 days - Day 2: I spent a whole month in Vietnam at the start of the year, exploring from south to north. The final thing I did before heading off was an overnight cruise in Ha Long Bay. It is a beautiful place - and a World Heritage Site - but there is mass tourism in some areas and I do wonder how sustainable things are going to be in the future.
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(part 11/18) Check out our Instagram account parisjetaime) and discover the whole christmas digital image! Imagined & produced by VerticalityWORLD - Copyright VideoCollages & Music by Luminium toureiffelofficielle lecmn operadeparis
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(part 12/18) Check out our Instagram account parisjetaime) and discover the whole christmas digital image! Imagined & produced by VerticalityWORLD - Copyright VideoCollages & Music by Luminium Discover more tomorrow at 1 pm! operadeparis
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