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  On a journey.

For now I’ll continue to do my trekking around London. There’s a lot less up and down to worry about...

Today I found a playlist I made eight years ago. That’s some good shit right there. Well done ‘past me’, you did good. Sometimes the best thing you can do to a piece of music you love... is just to forget about it for a while. A long while. Ages. And when you come back after all that time, it’s even sweeter for it. A reunion.

The longer I look at this, I can almost see the leaves swaying in the sun. #arborophilia

‘Tytheroygaka - One that is all ochre’

It’s steeper than it looks...

Memories of the most summery summer there ever was.

“Well we know where we're going
But we don't know where we've been”

Another time and place.

All the greens!

‘Princess Belle’

I always intend to post more regularly. But life keeps happening instead. Well, there’s a little less life and more work happening actually but that’s ok. Soon enough I’ll be getting lost on my long awaited Himalayan adventure. Not long to go now.

Spot the moon, peeking out 🌓 👀

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