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Your #1 HairCare Coach❤️  🥊#FIGHTFORHEALTHYHAIR 🌹We specialize in restoring the hair of people battle hair loss 10+years 🥀🤕Are you experiencing hair loss? LETS GET STARTED ⬇️

After March 27th we added 100 Healthy hair systems , and everything else SOLD OUT was put back in stock on the website as a PREORDER . When the preorder sells out we will not be fully stocked up until the end of May . . All preorder deliveries will not be fully ready in its entirety until the end of April .( also stated on the front page of our website before you purchased) We still have supplied coming in from different countries we are waiting on . Please don’t forget that it’s a preorder lol 😊!!! The shipping labels you see are from my most recent orders that we didn’t have labels for, a high volume of clientele , and or from adding a new product (shampoo and conditioner that also had labels that just arrived late ) .If you are reading this we are growing and in a big transition to accommodate a larger amount of customers at one time . Thanks for growing with us 🙌🏽😍💕together let’s #fightforhealthyhair using #bymonetcrochetproducts . 😊💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

This is the first batch of orders shipping out tomorrow #tobecontinued !! If you don’t have a tracking check in the morning. You may be in the second batch of orders shipping out that are not printed out yet... good night 😴💤
_______________________________________________________🛍 ( Link in my bio)

We are continuously developing custom products that help resolve your hair problems & concerns . no matter how long you have been faced with your hair challenges or know knowing what has caused them WE CAN ASSIST IN HELPING YOU . We are not your average haircare product company. I have a divine calling over my life to help women get their life back by restoring there natural hair back to healthy again. Im a dedicated licensed cosmetologist for 10 years , a haircare specialist , and hair restoration specialist . If I had to explain my company in one short sentence I would like for you to know that my specialty is to transform damaged hair back to healthy hair again.
So far we have helped restore women's hair caused from the following: ⤵️⤵️💕
__________________________________________________________-Graves' Disease-Fertility Treatments
-PCOS-Lupus-Birth control -Sugar Diabetes
-High Blood Pressure Medication -STRESS -Blood Thinning Medication -Radiation from Cancer -weight loss -vegan nutrition hair-loss -gastric bypass/ sleeve -Thyroid -Vitamin Deficiency -Alopecia -Dry brittle hair -Hereditary hair loss -Mature aging (over40) - Over processed hair -Unexpected life tragedy - postpartum shedding -Bald Spots -Hair Thinning -Stunted Hair Growth -Prescription drugs -Low /High Porosity Hair -Chemical burn -Dermatitis -Psoriasis -Female Pattern Baldness -Male Pattern Baldness -Dandruff -Eczema- loss of hope\ FAITH

Let’s get started on your new healthy hair journey!! _______________________________________________________ 🛍 ( Link in my bio)

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I’m growing out my natural hair and I can’t wait to show you guys my process with using @monetcrochet products. I’ve used this line before and absolutely loved it! I can’t wait to see my growth and I highly suggest you reach out to them if you’re experience hair loss or thinning edges, etc. they can tell you the exact formula you need for growth

Preorder your Healthy Hair System Today !!! _________________________________________________________Www. ( Link in my bio) 💕💕💕

What we have all been waiting for 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽😍. I hate shipping delays .It always backs things up . Now I can finish shipping out orders . Thank you all for your love and support while we transition . If the labels arrive tomorrow we will ship orders (( Does not include preorders )) in the morning . If not , orders ship Monday &Tuesday

Along with ordering :
______________________________________________I know it’s easier said then done 😣. The styles you wear while wearing your protective type is key to fast results . Any pulling on your edges ,or close to your edges that are thinning/bald can result in slow growth . Let’s just speed up the process by leaving our edges alone .

My 65 years young grandmother saved that day🙌🏽🙌🏽💕. She was able to make the postoffice just in time . 😍 I love her sooo much 💕 The orders that had a preorder shampoo and conditioner goes out tomorrow alone with another batch of products ... have a great day everyone 🤗💕💕💕. DM me if you need me. I will be answering them in about 2 hours

My customers are the best supporters 🙌🏽💕
_________________________________________________________#Repost @glamourhouseofhair
@monetcrochet growth oil goes on pre-sale tonight! 😫Hate I missed the limited edition. My hair has grown so much with these drops under my wigs. Unfortunately I have a habit of being rough with my edges even in wigs (I just need to go back to full lace for complete coverage) so I'll definitely be pre-ordering a new bottle of the growth drops tonight. Swipe to see my hair growth over the past few years using @monetcrochet growth oil. ❤️this stuff! And it smells sooo good. #bymonetcrochetproducts #newgrowthboost

100 Healthy hair systems , and everything else SOLD OUT will be back in stock on the website as a PREORDER starting tonight . When the preorder sells out we will not be fully stocked up until the end of May . . All preorder deliveries will not be ready until the end of April .

New shipping boxes 📦 😍💕. 40 orders are being shipped NOW .. 32 between tomorrow and Wednesday !! Look out for tracking !!!

🙌🏽💕💕💕 posting your love for #bymonetcrochetproducts is the best reward to me 😍😍. I loooove my customers soooooo much .
__________________________________________________ we have a few things on the website that are not sold out yet ,but are about to be. You should just go ahead and get everything 🤗💕. I will be going LIVE next week discussing different hair regiments .

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