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From the garden in Takuo Kato's atelier

A most impressive tour of Japanese Living Treasure potter Takuo Kato's atelier which is truly like a museum, not just of his and his family's works (currently the 8th generation is making pottery there), but also displays of ancient pottery from Rome, Iran and Iraq some dating to BC! Pictured are ceremonial tea and sake cups about to go into the kiln.

HAPPY RECORD DAY!! 7" to be released next month from Grand Gallery! These were originally recorded and released in 2011 on CD as part of the Don't Disturb This Groove project.

It's in the subtleties where true beauty lies

Amongst the many beautiful dishes we ate at Otto e Sette prepared by chef/owner @tetsukakehashi , this was for me the most memorable. His use of locally sourced top quality ingredients, the Japanese sensibility elevating Italian cuisine was by far the best food I've had in ages. I would have taken a better shot except I was so mesmerized and excited about the dishes that I only remembered after we had already attacked the plates!

A good day to fly #BackToTokyo

Steamed broccoli using a method from the Edo period with a stone oven built with a lever to control the steam from the hot spring -- ingenious!

A girl's gotta practice wherever she can... #SufferingForMyArt

Traditional Japanese inn (ryokan) built in 1905. We're staying in the newer add on which is just as charming and with bigger rooms. 24 hour natural hot spring. Performing in a couple hours at the Italian restaurant which is right next door, Otto e Sette. And all in my hometown...It just doesn't get better than this!

Deep in the countryside of Kyushu Japan, on our way from Fukuoka to Beppu

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