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Happy Sunday! Instagram has gone well and truly weird this week. It seems like most people’s engagement is down massively and my news feed is very inactive. Fingers crossed it’s just a bug from an update, rather than everyone abandoning ship. Though tell me, if you are going to another app, where are you going?! 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

#ad Back in the wonderful city of Paris. We’ve somehow made it a yearly tradition to visit, and we never tire of it here. Today is a slow morning over breakfast before exploring some nearby chateaux (I have a very long Paris bucket list). @visauk makes it simple to pay overseas, so there’s less time worrying about cash and more time to consider what to have for breakfast. 🍴💛 #TravelWithVisa

Before I share my planned caption, I just have to say THANK YOU for your lovely messages about the van and just life in general. We had rubbish news today that the van needs to be largely stripped and rebuilt to fix a gas and electricity issue and I’ve been crying like a baby all afternoon whilst trying to work 😂😓. But your messages have helped me to feel so much better irrespective of whether or not we are keeping the van 💛💛💛 if life is what happens between plans then so be it. ANYWAY - Here is sunrise over the most beautiful chateau I’ve ever seen. 🏰 Aaron and I have been planning to drive to the Loire Valley next year after he graduates. I just couldn’t wait that long, and wanted to go on a trip to get a feel for what it’s like there/how easy it is to drive/camp/take dogs etc. All of which is amazingly easy, in case you were wondering! Thank you @pariscityvision for showing us around and for teaching us a bit of French history. (Press trip)

What makes you feel empowered? For me it’s Instagram. Historically there has been an absence of women in the photography industry. Instagram has given so many of us a far-reaching space to share our creativity, get inspired, and earn a living with our cameras. •
The latest addition to the @Penhaligons_London Portraits family - Changing Constance, is a fragrance about empowerment. Constance is progressive. She thinks for herself, and wants to make positive change. Her fragrance is spicy and sweet, with notes of cardamom, pimento, salted butter caramel, tobacco and vanilla. •
Head to my story to order a sample of Changing Constance, or Blazing Mister Sam. #penhaligonsxportraits #ad

Real life dolls house with the loveliest of gardens (I can’t find the actual Wiltshire geotag because I’m so far away). 🍃 We are currently in Paris and today is Disneyland day. When I was little I’d always dreamed of going to Disney, and now as an adult I can’t get enough. There’s something about it. 💛

As festival season draws to a close, messy buns all across the country need to be tamed. It’s the perfect time for a bit of hair TLC with @Aussiehair’s 3 minute miracle. 🌻#MusicToYourHair #ad

A Monet bridge! Not the real thing but at least that makes it a lot quieter and easier to take photos. Has anyone been to Monet’s garden? We’re in Paris next week, and I just realised the train takes less than an hour 😍 I’ve already made so many plans, but I’m sure we can surrender a day to go and see it 💛

#TogetherAgainstHate is a campaign against online abuse. As part of the campaign, I’ve been asked to share an experience of online abuse. The sad thing is, I had to sit down and think about which one I wanted to share, and I’m sure many of you will be in the same situation. //
I decided to talk about body shaming, as it’s a topic that featured heavily through my teenage years as I struggled with anorexia. Thinking about it now makes me feel angry, not necessarily because of the comments I received, but rather thinking of other young people who are using social media and who could be subject to the same thing. // There were so many occasions where other kids from my school would take to my Facebook photos and leave derogatory comments about my body while I was ill. Other people would justify it as ‘trolling’, like that somehow made it acceptable. But it doesn’t. The most terrifying thing is how it can become a bandwagon, once a few people start, many others would join in without stopping to think about the person on the other side of their comments. //
Social media can be an inspiring, creative and supportive community (99% of the time I find that Instagram is). #TogetherAgainstHate is about making sure social media remains a positive place, and offering support to those who have been hurt online. //
If you or someone you know has been affected by online hate, head to the TogetherAgainstHate link in my bio for support, and information about reporting online abuse. Standing with Nationwide Building Society #TogetherAgainstHate #ad

Pretending I’m in Pride and Prejudice in beautiful Bath. 😁 I’ve been super busy this week trying to get everything ready in the van, and good news IT’S ALL DONE! We were supposed to be going away today, though frustratingly we discovered that caravan insurance for photographers is nearly impossible to arrange, and the one company who was willing to do it is making us wait for a month and pay a small fortune. 😬 Come October we should have everything legally ready to go, but it wasn’t easy. Hopefully it will all be worth it!

This week I’ve been making some space in my wardrobe and clearing out some dresses that I no longer wear. Did you know you can donate unwanted clothes and homewares to TK Maxx, to raise money for Cancer Research UK Kids and Teens? You can make your wardrobe easier to manage and most importantly help beat children’s cancers sooner. 💛 @cr_uk @tkmaxx #CRUK #tkmaxx #gucfg #ad

Who is ready for Autumn? 🍂 Me neither. It’s too early. I just felt like re-editing it in. 😁

As I’ve been thinking about the pressure on Instagram to always be doing/posting about something new, I decided to look through and share some of my old photos. Here’s one from two or three years ago when I’d just started using a dSLR for Instagram photos. And I challenge you to look through your camera roll and find some old favourites. 💛

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