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Lenise Williams  Mom | Attorney | Build & Protect Brands | 4x Author 📌ceo @madeleatherco @stylebymade 📍 La✈️Ga 📚As seen in Black Enterprise, Sheen, Rolling Out

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Someone is selling my book #31daybrand on #eBay for $37. 😉😂I personally sell my book for more than $10 less. It’s also on #amazon for less than this eBay price. I’m not one to knock anyone’s hustle, but I can also show them that I do it better 😉 Digital books sell better than a physical book! In recognition of the hustler, today I offer the digital download of this book for $5. LINK IN BIO #CantBeOutHustled

Where’s the lie?! 😫😂 #ClassyButICussALittle

I only cried 3xs today! Today one year ago my grandmother passed away. It was around this time (9pm) that I got the phone call that one of my favorite people stopped breathing. I would say she’s gone too soon, but at 93 she lived a full life. But the selfish part of me wishes she was here and could still make me some fried chicken on Thursdays 😋 😢 I still wonder how with 20+ grandchildren she managed to have a close relationship with all of us & made us each feel so special. Keep Resting 👼🏾

Social media shows mostly the highlight reel of entrepreneurship. The truth is that it is hard & EXHAUSTING. It’s hard starting a business and many can’t wait for it to work b/c they feel it will be easier. However, when it all falls in place and business starts to boom it is still hard. A different kind of hard, but hard nonetheless. #moremoneymoreproblems Couple that with being a single mom to two boys that seem to have something scheduled every 👏🏾single👏🏾day! Lawwwwd!!! @madeleatherco Inventory stuck in customs AGAIN, orders to fulfill, projects to complete, invoices to pay, this deadline, that deadline....Everyone wants to be a boss until it’s time to make boss moves. So the candid truth is that I’m tired. I’m tired of trying to figure it all out- professionally & personally. I’m still happy b/c it’s everything I’ve prayed for, but I’m mentally and emotionally drained- I have zero to give! I’m checking out in order to regain my focus. Time to pray & figure out my next move! So I’m shutting it down for a 7 day fast from just about everything- food, social media, tv and anything else that makes it hard to clear my mind. I would “fast” from parenting this week too, but I think that’s illegal 🤷🏽‍♀️😫
You may need to do yourself the same favor: Stop. Get quiet. Come back with more focus. #essential
Just in case you’re looking for me...✌🏾see you next week 😊

@madeleatherco MADE the list 😉🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Thanks @shoppeblack Check the link in bio for full list

Sometimes you just have to remind yourself 😉 and be your own #wcw 💪🏾 ***Link in bio*** #celebrateyourself ❤️ #unstoppable #getoutofmyway

focused. Out of my feelings and in my bag.... 💰 @madeleatherco (Maven Messenger in noire)
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Don’t say I didn’t warn you 🤷🏽‍♀️😂 #sorrynotsorry
Repost @businessbabes

Welcome to year 14 🎂 🎁 Kids were never really part of my life plan. I was so focused on my career and hadn’t given children a thought. Imagine my surprise (and panic) learning a month after law school graduation and 2 weeks into studying for the bar exam that I was having a baby 😮 A baby? Me? A mom?! 😦 I wasn’t a teen mom, but we definitely “grew up” together. I now know that he was the best thing that ever happened to me & being his mom changed my life for the better.

I remember coming home from work one day over 10 yrs ago....pulling my nice car into the garage of a nice home. I sat in the garage for awhile and wondered: “Is this it?”
I wasn’t even 30 yet & had accomplished everything I was “supposed” to accomplish: I had my own law practice and was easily earning six-figures, my husband was a lawyer, we had two adorable little boys, had purchased a new home, regularly vacationed...On the outside it looked like “I made it”, but on the inside I felt like there had to be more. This could not possibly be the life everyone had been preaching about since I was a kid!!!!!
I hadn’t really thought about what could be next. All I knew was that I had crossed off all those things on the proverbial things to do list that society put in my brain. There were no set of instructions for what to do between crossing items off the list and retirement. This couldn’t be my life...
I was BORED, unfulfilled & just going through the motions everyday. I eventually called BULLSHIT on all these things that I felt pressured to do 🤷🏽‍♀️I walked away from it all. Well, all except the kids 😉 Life should not be designed to make you constantly ask “Is this it?” If it is, then you’re doing it allllll the way wrong! Life should not be boring. Life should not be designed to make you feel pressured to do anything. ▫️▫️▫️
Not sure when or how it happened, but I woke up & decided to remix it all! Life is toooooooo damn short to be living somebody else’s dream for your life!!! It’s funny how myself, and so many others that I’ve talked to, don’t realize how unhappy they were until they actually find their happy😊 If you find yourself wondering “is this it?”, just know that the answer is NO, IT’S NOT IT..... #RemixIt #ReinventYourself

“scared money don’t make no money...”
Do it afraid. Freak the hell out. Shed some tears. Scream. But don’t ever NOT do it because of a little (or even a lot of) fear. Don’t be a punk mf!

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