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Momo The Pug  🗽 One Eyed Brooklyn Pug 👶🏻 Baby brother Finn 🐶 Sister Darby .

Happy Jewish new year!
May you be the tongue and not the butt

Happy tongue out Tuesday friends!

Happy long weekend!

Weekend where are you!!!

Small house fire yesterday! .
Dad put my dogfood container on an kitchenette stove we don't use! One of Finn's friends came over and was fiddling with the nobs. Apparently burning dog food smells like good BBq! .
Everyone is safe and happy, and hopefully our pug art collection can be salvaged!
Please everyone, make sure you have working smoke alarms and know where your fire extinguisher is! That knowledge saved our house! .
#smokeythebear #firesafety #fire

Happy tongue out Tuesday!
When ya don't got hands, yer tongue can wave hello!

Log Dog

Ready for my road trip back to CT! 16hr car ride, plenty of time to get my snooze on! 💤💤💤

What's my favorite part of Wisconsin?
Saying CHEESE!!!!

Happy tursday erybody

Devil's Lake Wisconsin
I Loooove da beach!!!

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