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Ilana Wiles  #Lifewithdaughters in NYC, traveling whenever we can. Author of "Remarkably Average Parenting." Also find me at: @averageparentproblems & @pinkinnyc

The other day we went to Brooklyn. When we got out of the subway, we saw an empanada stand. Harlow asked, “What’s an empanada?” and Mazzy said, “a Brooklyn taco.” 😂😂😂 #accurate

Since you guys seemed to appreciate my explanation of Rosh Hashanah, I’ll tell you about Yom Kippur too. It’s a 24 hour fast (you can’t even drink water!) in which you atone for all of your sins from the past year. For parents, this is extra hard because we have to fast while feeding our kids. Gone are the days of sleeping late and riding it out. Now we have to wake up and cut strawberries, pour syrup over waffles, etc. Torture. If you go to temple and fast from sundown to sunset, God will forgive you and you can start the new year with a clean slate. At sundown, we all attend a “break fast” where everyone gorges themselves on bagels, lox and my favorite, whitefish salad. Break fast. Breakfast. Get it? That genius bagel display is courtesy of @littlemissparty and it’s a paper towel holder. How’s that for a break fast table decor hack! Hope all my Jewish friends had a good one! #yomkippur #bagels

I just found this pic from last summer and had to share the story behind it. We were asked by @brimlyhats if Harlow wanted to model for them. I showed her some photos of little girls wearing the hats and asked if she wanted to do it. She said, yes. When we showed up, Harlow was excited. She put on her swim suit and hat and she was ready. But then, when they started snapping photos, she was MISERABLE. For the first half hour, she just buried her head in my leg and wouldn’t participate at all. We finally got her to stand in front of the camera while holding my hand. But she was definitely not up for smiling. She just starred down the photographer with this look like, “I know where you live.” Everyone was so nice about it but I felt bad that we were ruining their shoot. Thankfully, the other little model was a professional and posing her heart out. And Harlow got it together for a few pics at the very end. I remember on the way home, I asked Harlow why she was so unhappy, stressing that she was the one who said she wanted to do it! She said she thought the shoot was going to be in a pool. That’s when I realized the photos I had shown her were of little girls sitting pool side. And on top of that, when we got there, they dressed her in a bathing suit, only to stand in the grass. She didn’t care about the modeling. She was four. She said yes because she wanted to go swimming! Made sense. Anyway, I never really looked through the photos because the whole experience was so stressful. Now, a year later, I unearthed them and MAN, even with the misery, Harlow in a hat was so freakin’ cute that day. And my hand jutting out makes me laugh. It’s amazing what hindsight brings.

I can’t say enough about the value of having a one-on-one trip with your child, particularly at Mazzy’s age. On our trip to @monttremblant, Mazzy loved being able to do all the big kid stuff without her little sister holding her back. She loved not having to compromise on what we did next, when or where we ate, what we watched, what we talked about at dinner, which bed she slept in, and most of all, who got my attention. As for me, I was able to enjoy my daughter fully, for who she really is, absent of sibling rivalries and without constantly mitigating petty fights. I loved being able to fully focus on my first child again, for five days straight. She really hasn’t had my undivided attention since Harlow was born and it was invaluable for both of us. One of the greatest things about having a daughter firmly in #thebigkidyears is that we’re making memories that she’ll actually remember now. You can read all about our mother daughter trip to Tremblant on the blog today! Link in bio.

Three things you should know about making mom friends: 1) You might not find your people right away. 2) You might think you found someone but then your kids or your husbands don’t click. 3) Once you find a true blue mom friend, where everyone meshes brilliantly, you’ll want to ditch your husband and kids at every opportunity. Love you @littlemissparty!

Happy Birthday to my niece Neve! Can you believe she is THREE already??? Turns out my sister’s kids age fast too 🤷🏻‍♀️

We got to ride on the coolest boat yesterday courtesy of the @publicartfund! It’s a vintage fireboat painted by Tauber Auerbach, currently giving free rides from Brooklyn Park Bridge to the Statue of Liberty and back. They call it a “dazzle ship.” When you get to the statue, the water cannons let loose and give Lady Liberty a shower. I’ve lived in NY my whole life and this was such a treat! Swipe left to see it or watch the whole trip on my story. Thank you @elizabethfearonpepperman and the @publicartfund for making sure my family got to experience this! #flowseparation Look for the #dazzleship along the East and Hudson River all throughout September and October. It’s quite a sight!

That time I went to a beautiful dinner party (styled by @littlemissparty, obviously) and everyone was ooohing and aaahing over the cake and taking picture after picture of it against the pretty sunset and I was like, SOMEONE HAND ME A KNIFE. I’M EATING A SLICE. Yeah, I’m that person. 💁🏻‍♀️Thanks for inviting me, @coastalconciergemgmt!

All week, we’ve tried to keep the kids apart as much as possible so Harlow wouldn’t catch whatever Mazzy has. I moved their blow-up mattresses to opposite ends of the studio and kept Harlow at my sister’s until bedtime. No kisses or hugs. We didn’t expect it to go on as long as it did and they both legit broke down over it the other night. This morning, Mazzy seems much better and we let them hug for the first time. Turned into a full on tackle. My girls really need affection from each other. It’s the sweetest. #mazzyandharlow #sistersforlife #lifewithdaughters

On a rare “shopping for myself” moment that existed only because we had an hour to kill, I tried on this dress. I was about to take it off and put it back (too flouncy) when Mazzy walked in on me in the dressing room. “I like that dress on you, Mommy.” “Really? I was going to put it back.” “No. It looks nice on you. You should get it.” And so I did. And now it’s one of my favorites. dress: @clubmonaco

We are on Day Four of Mazzy’s fever, trapped in our one room studio. After countless hours on the iPad, this morning Mazzy and I decided to play cards. Mazzy told me she wanted to make up a new game. “It’s basically the same rules as War. Except Queens are higher than Kings.” I love this kid 👸🏻

Many of you have been asking about the status of our apartment renovation. This pic was taken exactly two weeks ago, so...yeah. Not quite ready yet. We are told that a lot of the work, like the built-ins, are already made off-site so it should come together more quickly than it appears. Bathroom tile was just finished and painting is happening as I write this. I wanted to go by today but I have to stay home with Mazzy since she still has a fever. Expect more pics and the “big reveal” soon! Also, I want to say that I am exceptionally nervous about how everything is going to turn out because I know you guys are all expecting something amazing. That’s a lot of pressure!!! Let’s all keep our fingers crossed.🤞🏻

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