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Ilana Wiles  I don't have babies anymore. Still in denial. Author of "Remarkably Average Parenting." Also find me at: @averageparentproblems 👻: ilanawiles

I think Mazzy inherited my advertising gene. Look how compelling this sign is! The girl on the left is saying "yummy yummy Girl Scout cookies" which clearly represents the power of suggestion. You too could be happy eating Girl Scout cookies! The brown cookie on the bottom is saying "I'm a thin mint" because that's the most popular flavor and should be called out. And the cookie on the right is saying "I love cookies!" You see? These cookies are so good, even COOKIES want to eat themselves!!!Get this girl a junior copywriter or art director position.

I am in love with this butterfly rug!!! Congrats to my dear friend @lucytupudesign for the launch of her children's rug collection at #ICFF. You can see more on my IG story!

I can't believe there is only three more weeks of school left. Then I'm going to have a kindergartener and a third grader!!! 😵😩😭

Summer is coming and I must find these sunglasses. They will forever be my favorite.

Sometimes, you just want to show off your salad. 🤗

Guess what?! I'm taking Mazzy to Paris on Thursday! We're going with @littlemissparty and her son Gavin and they could not be more excited. We've got our plan pretty much in tact but if there is anything you think we shouldn't miss, please leave your Paris recommendations in the comments below! Wheeeeee!!!!!!!

Mazzy's new thing is insisting that she loves me more than I love her. I tell her that's not possible. The conversation then becomes very similar to "Guess How Much I Love You" except we never really read that book when she was little. She's also way better at debate than the little nutbrown hare. Last night, Mazzy said she loved me more than the entire universe. I told her that I loved her to infinity. She said, "No, I love YOU to infinity. You love me to googolplex." I had to look up googolplex because I thought Mazzy made it up. Turns out, it's a real thing. It's a larger number than you can possibly imagine but it's finite. Meaning the only number bigger is infinity. Well played, Mazzy. I still love you more!

Mazzy and Harlow did the Sphero Maze Challenge at #TodayAtApple Kids Hour, in promotional partnership with Apple. The girls used an app on their iPads to program and tell the Sphero where to go and to change color. We ended up going home with a Sphero and Mazzy and Harlow can’t wait to use it more. Experiences like these open the minds of little girls. Here’s to raising future coders!

The girls are learning to code at the #TodayAtApple Kids Hour today // in promotional partnership with Apple // Mazzy's favorite subject in school right now is tech. I'm excited to see her brain muscles work at the session today!

After three years of sleeping on a King-size mattress on top of two Twin-size boxsprings with a Queen-size comforter that doesn’t even span the length of the bed, I finally got around to decorating our Master Bedroom! Yes, it was the last room in the house that I paid any attention. Why? Probably because it’s the easiest to shut the door so that company doesn’t go inside. Read all about my new bedroom on the blog today! Link in bio. #sponsored @SertaMattress

This Saturday, I'll be heading to the #TodayAtApple Kids Hour session at Apple Williamsburg in promotional partnership with Apple. I'm thrilled to be partnering with Apple because honestly, I can't imagine life without the ability to create using just my iPhone and my MacBook. There's something amazing about having an idea, bringing that vision to reality, and having the girls be there to see the whole process. One of my favorite things about making videos is that it's something that Mazzy and Harlow feel like we are all doing together. They come up with ideas, have their own opinions about how we can pull them off and are so excited to watch their work when I deliver the finished product. We're looking forward to learning more about what we can create with Apple at the Kids Hour this weekend!

In case you haven't heard, there is a new "Bubble Queen" in town. Harlow has anointed herself and says she has "the power to make bubbles disappear." I've seen her in action and it's true. She stamps on them or just touches them with her finger and they're gone!!! You really have to see it to believe it. 😂😂😂

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