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Ilana Wiles  I don't have babies anymore. Still in denial. Author of "Remarkably Average Parenting." Also find me at: @averageparentproblems 👻: ilanawiles

It snowed today!!!! Ski conditions were awesome. Also, please appreciate the fact that to take this pic, I took my phone out of my pocket, risking dropping it (or my poles or my glove or myself) about 50 feet into the snow. #whatidoforinstagram #mommyshortsinparkcity

Harlow is conquering so many fears on this trip. #mommyshortsinparkcity

Swipe right to see Harlow's Hot Tub Dance. OH HOW I WISH I FELT THAT GOOD IN A BIKINI. #mommyshortsinparkcity #moveslikeharlow

The other day I opened up my laptop to find a surprise note stuck to the screen. It said "I love you, Mommy. Love Mazzy." It was the sweetest and best surprise. So when @mommasgonecity invited me to "pass on the good" I decided to surprise Mazzy with a note back at breakfast. I hope it made her feel as special as she made me. Now I'm tagging the lovely @bleubird to see how she passes on the good. #goodismade @Quaker #ad

Mazzy saw an ad on the chairlift that said "Black diamonds are a girl's best friend." She said, "That's wrong, Mommy." I thought she didn't understand the joke but then she said, "It should say, DOUBLE black diamonds are a girl's best friend." Ha! I'll never underestimate the smarts or the confidence of my 7yo again. #mommyshortsinparkcity

We are currently in Park City, Utah. That tiny dot in front of the mogul slope is Mike. If there was a thought bubble above his head it would say, "I love when my wife stops to take photos so I can get a well needed break." Just kidding. It would probably be more like, "Come on, already!" You can follow our trip on my Instastory ☺️❄️⛷ #mommyshortsinparkcity

Last week, two women walked up to Mazzy and me in Washington Square Park and asked if she would like to participate in @thewhenproject. They would take a photo of Mazzy and she would give a quote saying what she will do when she becomes President. Not "if," "when." I told Mazzy that it was her choice and she surprised me by handing me the napkin from her ice cream, taking a step back and posing— hands on her hips, head held high with her front tooth still missing in a big proud smile. Then she said, "I will tell all the people they are helpful and good." You can read the full story on my blog. Link in profile. And see all the amazing girls who could be President one day on @thewhenproject Instagram. Thank you for including us! You made Mazzy's day. #thefutureisfemale

Sand Bars are my second favorite kind of bar. // Every Sunday, I send I out a newsletter recapping everything I blogged about that week. (I write a blog post every day whether I mention it on Instagram or not.) This week's newsletter will be titled "Miami, Microwaves and Mazzy for President." If you want to receive it in your inbox, click the link to subscribe in my bio! I'll be sending it out soon!

This is Harlow literally all dressed up with nowhere to go. #poselikeharlow

Mazzy took this picture. She said, "Mom! The sky looks so pretty! Give me your phone!" Then I showed her how to edit it so the pink in the clouds looked as pretty as it did in person. #nyc

This is Harlow's favorite book. She has the entire thing memorized. The irony is that it is about eating exotic foods like sea urchin and tonnato and meanwhile, she's eating a cut up hot dog with a side of buttered toast.

This is what Mazzy got when she asked for a plain bagel at the coffee shop this morning. Happy St. Patrick's Day from NYC!

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