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Ilana Wiles  #Lifewithdaughters in NYC. Author of "Remarkably Average Parenting." Also find me at: @averageparentproblems 👻: ilanawiles

Mazzy isn’t the only artist in our family. I found this self-portrait that Harlow made hanging up in her classroom. Is it just me or does this look EXACTLY like her??? 😵

Happy Earth Day from the ocean, which takes up 71% of the earths surface and currently, 100% of my living room floor. FYI, this started out with Harlow asking to be wrapped up in my blue blanket like a mermaid. Then Mazzy said she would give Harlow her sequin mermaid blanket to use instead. Harlow laid the blue blanket down as the ocean and said, “Mom, we could do another one of those overhead pictures!!!” Before she was even finished with her sentence, I had the dolphin stuffie and some algae options. It’s funny. These things all look like an absolute disaster on the floor but once you go overhead and crop them right, they are so freakin’ cute! #earthday #oceanlife #mermaidsarereal #scenefromtheceiling

Pancakes and Sequins is Harlow’s Life Philosophy. And honestly, as far as life philosophies go, it’s a pretty good one. #cultofharlow #sequins #pancakesunday #brunchlife #nyckids #lifewithdaughters

Four things: 1) Yes, I know my kids look like full blown duckface making teenagers. #thebigkidyears are simultaneously adorable and terrifying 😬 2) Congrats to @nichellelynaa for winning the Smush dress from @kidmademodern 👍🏻 3) You still have until tomorrow to enter the $500 #KidMadeModern giveaway on my blog 🤞🏻 4) You can also use Code: MOMMYSHORTS for 15% off all items on 😘

The best part of going to the top of One World Trade was the reveal of the view. A video about New York City plays and then the screen panels lift to reveal the window behind it. I got choked up and was holding back tears. As someone who has lived in NYC all my life, this moment totally represented the strength and resilience of our city. Seeing my kids look out those windows, with only their bright futures ahead of them, filled me with so much pride about raising my kids here. #oneworldtradecenter #nyc #nyckids #citykids #freedomtower

This is Part 2 of Mazzy and Harlow’s self-art directed aerial photo shoot. Mazzy had the idea that they should have pom-poms shooting out from their hands. Not exactly her intention but it ended up looking like a heart with extra love from her side. I like to think it was her inner feelings coming out. 💕 #mazzyandharlow #lifewithdaughters #scenefromtheceiling

When I was a kid, my dad lived in New York City and my sister and I used to visit him on the weekends. My dad makes his living in construction and real estate and one of his favorite things to do with us back then was take us to the top of the Twin Towers. In his old apartment, there was a floor to ceiling window that perfectly framed the towers, so I have always associated them strongly with my dad and my childhood. He is also the person I spent the day tracking down on 9/11. I slept at his apartment for a few months after that. That space in the sky sat empty for many years and then I had the privilege of watching the new Freedom Tower rise from the view from my bedroom window. The framework, then the exterior, and then the spire. I remember the day the lights turned on. But I didn't have any desire to go to the top until very recently. I planned to take the girls while they were off from school a few weeks ago. That morning, my dad called to ask what we were doing that day. I asked him if he'd been to the top of One World Trade yet and he said, no. I invited him to come with us. It ended up being the perfect way for us both to experience being on top of Manhattan again, so many years later. If you're interested, I wrote more about it on the blog.

Just when I think Mazzy is starting to look like a teenager, she asks for pigtails again. Actually, she still calls them “pinktails” which makes it even better. #thebigkidyears #stillmybaby #lifewithdaughters

It’s Harlow’s News, live from Mexico! Well, not exactly live because we’re already back from Mexico. It’s actually very hard to be Harlow’s editor and keep up with the influx of news! Hope you enjoy her take on everything from iguanas to room service. #harlowsnews #mommyshortsinmexico

Even a native New Yorker looks like a tourist in Times Square. #nyc #timessquare #mommyshortsinthecity #citykids #nyckids @pinkinnyc

I found a pair of height appropriate wings that suddenly sprouted in the East Village. Honestly, they are so low to the ground, you would never notice them if you weren’t walking down the street while also looking down at a child. And... the neck purse is back. #poselikeharlow #bitcheslovemurals @insta2yearold

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