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Love these flowers my boys picked for me as we explored a nearby county lane after dinner. So much beauty just hanging around on the side of the road! They're going to try to identify and draw them and asked if I wanted to also. Uh, no, I still pretty much draw stick figures.

Husband: What are you eating?

Me: Seaweed salad

Husband: Why?

Me: Because it's good

Husband: So you're not going to tell me

Happy Mother's Day, y'all!

Published a post today about #redlighttherapy #nearinfrared for collagen production, fat metabolism, muscle recovery, and optimizing mitochondrial function. Of all the biohackery things I’ve tried in the past few years it’s one of my favorites. Have you ever tried it?

Busy. I used to think that word was synonymous with important, productive, and meaningful. Turns out sometimes it can indicate those things, but so can rest. I'm learning that if I want to actually do the things I write down as my goals every year, I have to build in rest. If you need me, I'll be over here rocking my pajamas and messy bun.

@wellnessmama and I have been having lots of good conversations about why kids need free, unstructured play, but these days that's easier said than done. Loving the practical ideas in this book for creating Playborhoods - aka neighborhoods that create opportunities for play in front (when safe to do so) and back yards, plus ideas for shared spaces in apartments, etc. What are you reading right now?

Drying these sunny little dandelion blossoms to make a skincare oil and healing salve. Dandelions are in the same family as calendula, which is famous for its skincare benefits, and new research shows that dandelion flower and leaf extracts protect against UVB-related photoaging and senescence (aging at the cellular level). What’s happening in your kitchen today?

Olive. Oyster. Steak. (And also Skittles with my first but I skipped those, haha!) You?

Grain-fee cornbread, ready to be slathered in butter. Batch cooking #allthethings today so that I can pop extras in the freezer for simple meals later on.

Looks like I’m going to get a whole chapter in tonight! (You can't see the rest of the kitchen, but trust me.) This is how I “read” . . . at least some of the time. I count audiobooks because it’s really hard to hold paperbacks while I’m doing the dishes. Currently loving anything by Brene Brown but I’m almost finished with everything she’s written - got any recommendations for me?

My littlest is making better food choices than I was planning to for breakfast. This is what he opted for when I told him to choose something out of the fridge to help me make. Well, he wanted to add bananas, but still . . .

That moment when you share a chocolate chip cookie recipe on Facebook and then five minutes later you’re making chocolate chip cookies, because your goal to inspire someone to make them TOTALLY WORKED . . . on you.

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