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mommasohn  👦🏻mother of 2 👧🏻 🌴immigrant from Guatemala to LA 😎human+kind 👊🏻 #wegotthis #alwayslearning 💌

If you think my hands are full, they are. But so is my heart ♥️ This is us last year during our summer family vacation. We went to Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon. It’s been my favorite trip so far. We discovered this magical place together- it was beautiful. We hiked for days. I’m starting to plan our summer break...what’s everyone doing? #zionnationalpark #tbt

Today she ran off with my lipstick and daddy’s T-shirt #migordabella

While Beychella is happening, I found this little one with the children’s book, “Kip and the Magical Belt,” written by @vicgracie. We love the story of Kip, a boy who is bullied at school, but finds the words and JiuJitsu moves to stand up for himself. It also touches on communication, empathy and setting boundaries. I love the book and highly recommended it to everyone! 🥋
My entire family practices JiuJitsu (well, I currently practice a little less, and by a little less, I mean zero 😐. However, I did practice for over a year and loved it...just hard to make time right now.) Anyway, my husband has been practicing for 11 years and introduced the sport to our kids very early on. It’s been a fantastic way to build their confidence and a discipline worth their time. I am proud to say that both my kids practice #Jiujitsu #kipandthemagicalbelt

Not sure what is happening, maybe because Sofia starts Kinder this Fall, maybe because my 1 year old niece (baby Sara) is just the cutest thing ever, maybe because I turned 35 this year and that window is getting smaller and smaller, maybe because I met this little baby girl yesterday and her mohak hair reminded me of Sofia’s hair when she was 1, maybe because 3 of my best friends are currently pregnant, so many maybes, but I’m definitely having baby fever #emotional #Imsureitwillpass😳 Anyone else?

Day 3 of fever 🤒

On repeat lately because Winter was stressful and very indulgent. Chia pudding + blackberry smoothie + @gr8nola 🤩🍊 #idratherBeEatingAburger

I love you sister. I love your family. I love how your faith encourages not only me (sorry for calling you every single day), but everyone around you. I love how you are creating a healthier world for us and our children with @namu.foods #nationalsiblingsday #hermanas 📸: @ssserotonin

Put a dress on for a very rare lunch date with my husband. Sometimes he just has to pull something or break a part of his body to slow down #superdad #lunchdate Dress from @chrisellelim’s latest collection #chrisellexjoa and I 💛 it!

Missing #Seoul and @kahi_korea and midnight street markets. Among the many amazing innovative things coming out of Korea, beauty is one of their largest industries. The city has blocks of stores, fully stocked with makeup, skincare and beauty tools. Stores are open until midnight and it’s just a fun way to relax and spend time with friends 💓💓💓#kbeauty

When boys are sensitive. Are we all on the same page that raising sons during this time in history is a wonderful opportunity to change a generation of: boys will be boys, just get over it, crying is for girls mentality? Yes? I hope so. I’m counting on you, mama. Today, we had a play date with our neighbors and we walked around our neighborhood. I saw my son walk side by side with his friend and then just simply hold his hand. They walked like this for a good 10 minutes, while planning what sport they would play once they got home-Son wanted golf, friend wanted soccer, they agreed on Stratego. Look, this means nothing, but it also means everything #raisingboys #holdhands#moreoften #dontlettheworldchangeyou#pls

Sofia is the soopr heero uv the storw. Thank you to everyone who played last night on my Stories! It was so much fun playing with you and reading your responses 😅🤣 For everyone asking, this very cool climbing facility is @senderone @calikimia_ #thisis5 #sheThinksItsFunWhileIamSweatingBullets #syncronized

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