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Shari Ortiz 

Wow!!! Look what I found in the parking lot... $150, credit cards, and ID. Well I'm going shopping and renting a car for the holiday!!🇺🇸 Kris Brown you would lose your head if it wasn't attached😂😂 #thankgodmommaswatching #lostandfound #takesskilltobekrisbrown #alwayslosingthings @psi_weightlifting

Arianna hitting 32 inches on her box jumps, following 3 x 10back squat set. So proud of her progress so far this summer. She is working on strengthening her skills for swimming. 🏊🏼‍♀️🏊🏼‍♀️💪🏼💪🏼 @justinorteez @ariannaortiz @strong_ortiz #gettingstronger #skillwork #collegeswimming #proudmomma #goals #gettinitdone

Happy Birthday to my sweet son❣️❣️❣️Your heart is still as gentle and loving as the days of your youth, but your wisdom and courage have grown in the Lord over time to sharpen you into the man you are today. May God's favor be upon you as you walk with Him into your calling. Have a great year ahead of growth, challenge and revelation of the great son you are of the forever loving King❣️❣️

Had a great experience lifting in the PanAmerican Weightlifting Competition. It was a great challenge competing in a foreign country with limited resources. We learned not to forget your passport at weigh in. We walked away with the silver and represented the great USA❣️❣️❣️ Thank you to everyone who was praying for me today!! I couldn't achieve these memories without the support of my team, family and friends. @psi_weightlifting @thechestee @drivennutrition @exosleeve @fiasfreshmeals #masters #olympiclifting #panamerican #inhiscare #hotasf#ck #dominicanrepublic #makingmemories❤️

Just wrapped up our training session. Yes, it is HOT!!! No fans or AC!! Very humbling and exciting to meet people from around the world. @psi_weightlifting @fiasfreshmeals @chestee @reebok @drivennutrition @strong_ortiz #panamerican #inhiscare #bemorehuman #adventure #masters #makingmemories❤️

Arrived in the Dominican safe and sound. Always a new adventure. Very thankful for the experience and opportunity to see my coaches home. God keeps me humble through the thankfulness of others. @psi_weightlifting #masters #adventure #bemorehuman #inhiscare #panamerican weightlifting

Slowing getting strength back in my triceps after taking my elbow out with the dryer door about 6 months ago. Was able to do 10x8 on my dips today. This is the last set. Don't lose hope all you older folk working it back from injuries. Slow and steady is the name of the game. @psi_weightlifting @perfectfuelmeals @thechestee @drivennutrition @exosleeve #tryingnottobreakdown #inhiscare #keepgrinding #gettingolderbutwiser #bemorehuman #masters #teameffort

Doing accessory work 5x 10 @ 25# GH Raises. It's always paying attention to the extra small details that make us successful and help to avoid becoming derailed, especially in our relationships. Pay attention to those you love and go out of your way for the details to bless them! Have a blessed Mothers Day all you mommas❣️❣️❣️🙏🏼🙏🏼 All the small things you do for your family do not go unnoticed. Thank you to all who fill the details of my life so I can succeed. @strong_ortiz @ariannaortiz @t_orteez @teracota5 @teter_ortiz @justinorteez @jonicole17 @psi_weightlifting @drivennutrition @exosleeve @thechestee @reebok @perfectfuelmeals #bemorehuman #gettingolderbutwiser #keepgrinding #godfidence🙏 #inhiscare #tryingnottobreakdown

I have to take the time to thank these two special guys for putting up with me, and working with me day in and day out to progress and overcome my fears. I appreciate their sacrifice, patience, and most of all their support. They were in the moment with me through every lift as I competed and kept my numbers tolerable so I would have a good experience. God bless my team and coaches❣❣My success is the product of their belief in me!!😘😘 @psi_weightlifting @drivennutrition @perfectfuelmeals @exosleeve @thechestee #usamastersnationals #mastersweightlifting #buildinggodfidence #inhiscare #athankfulheart #overcomingmyfears

Had a great experience at the Masters National Weightlifting Championships. The performance was just icing on the cake next to God"s great provision. I am beyond thankful for all that He blesses me with❣❣I have and still do struggle with my confidence, but God is placing a family of people around me that see me and build me up with correction, encouragement, and love. I am facing my fears and enjoying the ride. Thank you to everyone who was thinking about me this week end and praying for me... We did it together❣❣❣Second place at my first National meet. @exosleeve @reebok @drivennutrition @thechestee @strong_ortiz @psi_weightlifting @perfectfuelmeals @performanceandwellnesschiro #inhiscare #mastersNationals #usaweightliftingcomp #godfidence🙏 #bemorehuman #nevergiveup #havetogetahandleonthosenerves

A bit different than a little local meet. Getting ready for a new challenge!! All will be well because I have such an incredible support system❣❣@psi_weightlifting @thechestee @drivennutrition @reebok @perfectfuelmeals #usaweightliftingcomp #masters #inhiscare #workingwithmynerves #findingbalanceinlife #makingmemories❤️

Another lifting meet in the books!! Was challenged with lifting some heavier weights and survived. Always something to learn and grow from each time I compete. I have always struggled with strength, but since my Achilles injury it is the only place for me to compete. Out of my comfort zone. Thank you @psi_weightlifting, @drivennutrition, @thechestee @perfectfuelmeals @exoskeeve @reebok for bringing me back. Masters Nationals are next. #gaininggodfidence #masters #inhiscare #findingbalanceinlife #usaweightliftingcomp #gottagetstrongereveryday #bemorehuman #honoryourdays

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