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Jessica Shyba  Dream life, with band aids. Five kids & a gang of shelter pets. Forbes List 2017

Please bask in the joy that is two little girls with a donut 🤗 #moneycantbuyhappiness #donutscan

I’m trying to work through my crushing anxiety over Jack graduating elementary. The heartache is paralleled with pride and excitement for what’s in store for him.
This is motherhood.
It’s entirely acceptable to mourn the passage of time and celebrate milestones at the same time. We earned this! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

When daddy asked me to jump in the photo of Evvie’s Outfit of the Day and everyone else jumped in too, I went for it even though I feel like 💀. I’ll want to remember this, too.

Demi just wrapped her very first NARS beauty vlog! #nailedit (more in my stories 😬😅)

If you follow along in my stories, you know that I spent some time New York City filming with some wonderful chefs, bloggers and athletes. I'm pleased to share with you this important campaign with @CignaTogether. Are you aware that 1-in-5 people are at increased risk of becoming addicted to opioids with just a 10-day Prescription? It could happen to anyone – even someone you know. #Cigna1in5 #ad

Your Monday welcome wagon! 🌞🌞🌞

Motherhood is such a gift. It is glorious and messy and exasperating and empowering. It’s also a collective effort... I see you and I’m thankful for the support you lend me and one another. Happy Mother’s Day ❤️

A photo with my children is the ultimate gift! Thank you, @lordandtaylor for featuring me in your Mother’s Day special, I’m honored to be a part of this amazing group of mom bosses. ❤️ #MGCpartner

I’ve always been a boundary tester, for better or worse. What I’ve learned about our capacity for love as humans surprises me daily. ❤️

You’d think I staged this for Instagram, and you’d be wrong! She’s really just like this. 😍

Mother’s day is one of my favorite days of the year. I love celebrating this generous gift of motherhood with the bounty of my family around me. My kids are big into gift giving on a daily basis, the special kinds like notes and wildflowers. Their eyes lit up when I opened this gorgeous, fresh @proflowers bouquet, the sweetest gift that we all can enjoy and appreciate! #MoreThanADay #ad

Monday coping tools #demiandtheo