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Jessica Shyba  constantly creating 🌱 Naptime with #TheoandBeau 2015 + Bathtime with Theo and Beau 2016 ✉️

For the past few weeks I've been using the Lift & Luminate TRIPLE ACTION Serum, and I’m excited to be partnering with @No7USA to share the results! Even though they keep me from sleeping much, this serum has helped to counteract the effects of exhaustion on my skin, leaving it more even and glowing. I’m ready for my next date night. Shop @No7USA through the link in my bio @Target! #No7Ready #No7Seven #ReadyForMore #ad

I can't wait to hear these two talking to each other. 😍😬

They just want someone close to them while they rest. It's pretty simple. ❤️ #demiandtheo

Kinda crazy. I think he loves babies as much as I do... and that's saying something. ❤️#WhoRescuedWho #DemiandTheo #rescuedog

Priorities #summer #evvieeats

Friday, you guys. #gobigorgohome #livelikeevvie

In a nutshell, this is my happy place. If I can exercise during the week-great. If I can exercise with kids & Theo, even better! The elements aren't so forgiving on my hair though. New post about how I keep my spirit and my hair healthy in partnership with @Dove. Link in profile. #DovePartner #WashRepairRepeat

Cutest leetle meatball in town (even cute when she's back to being up 4x a night) 😴

TFW you finally taste your toes #livelikedemi

A delivery came *just* as the girls fell asleep. Theo was very conflicted about staying with his babies or chasing the delivery guy. #theoandevvie

Evvie is in mega dress-up mode, and now she gets to dress her favorite @Chiquitabrands Banana with these fun sticker packs and Theo gets to join, too! Take the challenge and #DressMyChiquita rls: #ad

je t'aime bébés ❤️ #theoandevvie

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