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Jessica Shyba  This is my family album. ❤️

I frequently get asked about my handcuff necklace and it’s significance. No, I’m not in law enforcement or a criminal.

The handcuffs represent my dedication to myself: I’m locked into this body and I will continue to honor my mental and physical well-being by putting the work in (exercising! therapy!). As a momma stretched pretty thin, it’s critical to myself and my family.
Also I allow myself a little fancy retail so it was a win/win.

Good Morning from Shybaland

The best adventures with our big kids! Beau had the time of his life snowboarding-his big, wild heart navigated him through his first trip down the mountain on a board!

Big squishy heart love to you on this sweet day! It’s one of my favorite days of the year, and as an added bonus-no mythical figures involved... So go make someone’s day! ❤️

My little kitchen co-pilot and I made some valentines and sweet little lunches for the big kids on one of our favorite weeks of the year! #sponsored Even daddy got a lunch note and a few, possibly partially snacked-on strawberries. We popped in a couple of their favorite @Tropicana_juices Tropicana Kids, organic juice drink pouches which I love too because they are sweetened only with real juice and their clear panel means I can see what’s inside! I just hope they share with their buddies! #SeeWhatsInsideLoveWhatsInside #TropicanaKids

It’s not always this harmonious-best believe I got a photo ❤️

You can tell by the shoes and the devious cackling that they took me shopping today. 😑 #GoldenGirlstheSequel

Bath time is the best time around here. There’s never a day we go without @honest diapers on hand. The diaper’s advanced leak protection helps to keep our little ones clean even outside the tub! Plus, their new and improved diapers feature soft, stretchy side panels, comfy elastic waistband, sure-fit leg cuffs and fastening tabs—blowouts be gone!. #thatshonest #honestambassador #honestmama #ad

Demi will never be a backup dancer (this is the effect that @Target has on them)

The only halftime show we need

The big kids are learning a little about accepting disappointment this week. We had planned on heading back to Kenya with @lifestraw again, but due to unforeseen circumstances (childcare for younger set), we had to cancel last minute. I can’t remember a time I’ve ever seen them this crestfallen.

The children in rural Kenya changed our lives last year! Zoe fundraised all year for the schools we visited and the friends she made last February.

While I’m slightly relieved not to have to leave my babies, I (like them!) am experiencing full-on FOMO. Giving back is helping to alleviate that a bit.

If you’ve ever considered involving your children in service of any kind — local or abroad — I highly recommend it. ❤️💧For every product sold, Lifestraw supplies a child with clean water for a year. 💧❤️

Honest products have passed the true test in our house. We’ve used @Honest diapers for years and love that their new diapers are super absorbent, super soft, but still safe and stylish. You can find Honest products at, Target and Amazon. #thatshonest #honestambassador #honestmama

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