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T  Elite Raw Powerlifter🏋🏻 936.4 @ 75Kg Road to 1000 👻: Terej84 💥@TexasEliteBarbell💥 #HoustonsStrongestGym Houston, Texas 🤘🏽


Happy Birthday @lonestarcarolina wish you all the best today and everyday so let's celebrate still having our teeth and our boobs not touching our belly buttons just yet😘One year closer to our senior discounts, and every year more memories with you! 👯Love you baby girl❤️ #itsyobirthday #celebratinglife #bff #Besties #partnersincrime #IchosePicsyouwouldntKillmefor

Front Squats w/ my Biggest Fan 🔥
#TexasEliteBarbell #HoustonsStrongestGym
#TexasStrong #humpday

335x✌🏽 Want something? Don't talk about it! BE ABOUT it! #neversatisfied #HoustonsStrongestGym #OutWork

Houston's Strongest Gym
First Annual Burgers & Barbells $10 for all non members includes Open Lift, Burgers, and a guaranteed good time with the TEB Family💪🏽

I use to HATE benching but benching w/ my two Bench Babes @msbarbellbarbie & @anabananalifts I am slowly enjoying it more and more.
6 sets 165x4 paused..... every day is a day closer to my 200lb bench why? Bcz I'm speaking it into existance💪🏽👊🏽 #TexasEliteBarbell #HoustonsStrongestGym #Family

Powerlifting Made this body💪🏽 From 900 Calories a day, a Cardio Bunny, a girl who didn't know what a Deadlift was, a quarter squatter, the girl who couldn't even bench the 45lb bar to save my life to now Squatting and Deadlifting double my body weight and benching a little over body weight. Many say I've gone too far, I'm "too" thick, I look "manly", when will I stop?! I do this for me! I'm proud of how far I have come and let me say to those of you that think I've gone too far "This is just the beginning" The best is yet to come and my "Thickness" makes ME happy! Happy #thickthighthursday 🍑#HoustonsStrongestGym

Ladies!!!!! For all that have asked about group training, boot camps, one on ones, etc.... Please follow my gym page @texaselitebarbell Now hosting #WomenOfIron which is an all female group that motivates each other both in and outside of the gym. Open for New or experienced lifters, powerlifting, bodybuilding, or just your casual gym goer, to the Woman who hasn't seen the inside of a gym, This is for EVERY Female who wants to get started! This past Sunday was a great turn out can't wait to see how much this group will grow in months to come. #MotivationMonday #TexasEliteBarbell #HoustonsStrongestGym

Doubles w/325 NOT Satisfied!
#HoustonsStrongestGym #TexasEliteBarbell #MommaT

Made of Whiskey and Ice and everything Nice 🥃

Today @silentmikke came out and trained @texaselitebarbell #HoustonsStrongestGym and well if that's not cool in your book well 🤷🏻‍♀️

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