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Happy Burfday to me!!! Delicious vegetarian brunch & super yummy vegan dessert at @thegrangeri with my boo Sunday. 🙌🏽💜🙌🏽

2 tbs @thrivemkt Ghee, 2 tbs coconut oil, 1 packet @foursigmatic Lion's mane & Chaga mushroom coffee, 8 shakes of organic cinnamon, 8 shakes of organic turmeric with a touch of neem honey, 8oz of hot (just off the boil) water.....then froth in a blender for 30 seconds. My own version of bulletproof coffee / power latté

@providencechildrensmuseum today in the fun mirrors! First day of Max's winter break. 💚🐲🐉🐲💚

@foursigmatic Lion's mane & chaga over cubes I made with coffee, coconut oil & cinnamon ❤☕️❤

First edit in forever. No time 💔

My #2016bestnine Buhbye 2016, it was a crazy ride...thankful for so much & many good times especially with my boo & Max, but looking forward to an overall better 2017! ✨🎊✨

Today's smoothie bowl made with @essentiallivingfoods #cocogogo #avocado #spinach #pineapple #raspberry #hempseeds #almondmilk #cinnamon & #turmeric for inflammation. Happy New Year! Here's to #2017 being filled with more joy & less sadness. ✨🎊✨

Green smoothie bowl topped with hemp seeds & local honey from @southwickapiaries 🐝made with my new Nutribullet Pro.....the Christmas gift I wanted.....from my boo. My second nutribullet, I love it!!

Trouble......"who meeeeeee?!!" 😸

✨Sleeping with stuffies....this won't last forever, better capture it as best I can✨

I don't have many breastfeeding photos & I'm pretty sad about that, this was before my iPhone or any smartphone.....but for over 2 years Max drank nothing but the milk that my body made & water. I decided to let Max self wean & he did at 26 months. That day was harder on me than him, but he was ready. I know my body produced milk with antibodies that have kept him from going to the doctor.....except once a year for his annual physical. Those 2 years plus created an unbreakable, secure bond which now presents itself in this amazing, secure, confident child. There were times I wondered how long I could do it, nurse on demand, often waking every 2 hours so sleep deprived. However, I made the choice to continue even after I went back to work part time when Max was 9 months old. I'm so thankful & grateful my body continued because I'm confident Max would not be the same child he is today if I hadn't. This post does not intend to take away from any mother or what worked for her & her child, this was my choice, my journey & I'm sharing it because it's something I'm proud of & I think extended breastfeeding is something that should be normalized in our society. #normalizebreastfeeding #treeoflife #extendedbreastfeeding ✨edited to say we started some solids at 9 months but he never drank cows milk, juice etc for over 2 years✨

With @famicom_necropolis & @mailgirl333 @theshantygram 🙌🏽❤️🍷🍺🍹🙌🏽 #cheers

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