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Jenn Smith  Non-profit Program Manager // Single Mom of 3 // Passion for Health & Fitness // hoping to inspire peeps to be stronger & happier ... every damn day!

It’s a zillion degrees out 🔥 We had to seek shelter. The closest place was full of chocolate 🍫🤷🏻‍♀️ #vacationmode #boulder #treatsfordaze #imgonnabeill #smileforchocolate #atleasttheyrenotfighting

It all started in the fall of ‘99 💗 We somehow managed to survive college, move into our 20’s, now halfway (plus some more) through our 30’s. We each got married, each had 3 kids ... 6 between us! There have been plane rides and road trips to visit each other ... multiple careers come and gone. We’ve spent countless hours talking over the phone since living states away from one and other ... AND yet it feels like just yesterday we were dressing up for Halloween and celebrating our 21st birthdays. THIS is 19 years of friendship!! ❤️ I hope everyone is lucky enough to have a friend like this amazing woman in their own life. Love you to pieces @klassemakeup!! #blessed🙏 #BFF #collegebesties #arentwestill18

✨ Live like a grown up // Play like a kid ✨ #summertime #vacation #summerinthecity #playtime #momlife #kidlife #neverstopplaying

Reunited and it feels so good!! #missedmyminis #gavinisaroundtoo #denverco

I ❤️💦💪🏃‍♀️😊
It’s #workoutwednesday aka 🐪 day! Since today is a ✈️ day to visit my littles ... I definitely needed to get up and MOVE!! A few hours on a plane and I *know* I’ll be happy I got up to #workout and #move my body - more importantly it nourishes my soul ✨ Its been 3+ weeks since my minis left to spend the summer with their dad. I’m SO freaking proud of them for spending 8 weeks in a city they aren’t too familiar with ... but they are having the BEST time! Now ... time to get ready and pack a few fun surprises for them!!

Wishing you ALL a day that fills your cup and makes you #smile 😁 #grateful #blessed #feelgoodvibes #feelgoodlookgood #momlife #workoutmotivation #fitnessmotivation #mommotivation

A case of the Mondays calls for shades and curls #summertime #girlwiththecurls #beyourauthenticself #hellomonday #newweekvibes ✌️

Checked my first book off my summer reading list ✅ Cannot day enough good things about the writings of @brenebrown and her exploration into living a wholehearted life. Stop believing in the BS and live like you mean it! Lessen the judgement & fear and live your authentic life ... because no one else in this world can offer YOUR gifts in this life 🙌💖✨ #authenticity #withoutfear #judgementdetox #beyoubravely

Crushed the first day of summer 🌊❤️☀️ #socal #beachlife #firstdayofsummer #santamonica #summersolstice #kidlife #momlife

My mini loves ❤️💙❤️ 1 day left of 1st & 3rd grades!! Cannot believe another year of @wiseschoolla is coming to a close. I’m pretty sure I was just participating in Junior Olympics like 5 mins ago ... orange slices and all!! #wiseschoolla #schoolsalmostout #minimes

Saw this on a friend's IG and totally had to borrow & share ... because it's TIME! Time ⏰ to live your FULL life 🙌 Forget what you were TOLD to do - it's time to live for YOU 🙋‍♀️! Throw judgement from others out the window because all that matters is what YOU think and what YOU feel 🤗 So ... Wear that LBD or bikini 👙
Get outside and travel more 🌍
Speak your truth 🔊
Fall deeply in love 😍
Adventure NOW‼️ Stop waiting for the perfect ... whatever it is that you've been made to believe. There is no perfect time // perfect weight // perfect circumstance for ANY of it ... because ALL WE HAVE IS NOW ✌️💕 #selflove #selfcare #selflovejourney #momlife #momofthree #singleparent #ownyourhappy #health #happiness #getyourhappyon⭐️

Just gonna leave this one right here 😂 #TBT to little me 👧🏻 If only I could share even the teeniest bits of #selflove wisdom with this little girl ... #selflovejourney❤️ #selflovesoldier #loveme #transformyourlife #becomeabetteryou #youareyouronlylimitation

#wellnesswednesday and "THE ANTI DIET"!! Read on cause I want to HELP YOU!! Starting with these pics! It's emotional just to look at them, let alone knowing the difference behind the top & bottom.
The top photos represent a girl who was a severely overweight preteen/teenager, a girl who struggled with #emotionaleating because, well, I ❤️ food! Who doesn't⁉️ Food was my #coping mechanism as child - my comfort and stability during rocky times, especially through my parents #divorce when I was young, AND once again through my own divorce in my early 30's 😨 Food was my best & worst friend!! My mother had me seeing a #nutritionist at the ripe age of 10 years old. For the next two decades I would proceed to try EVERY #diet under the sun! You name it - I've tried it! Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, and even that one that had you eating a hot dog and vanilla ice cream - you know the one!! Fast forward to today - the bottom photos that represent the #strong, #confident and #fearless woman who - still loves food 😋 - yet found a way to eat to her hearts content by breaking that merry go-round of yo-yo #diets and #fueling my body with TONS of yummy & #cleanfoods, NEVER cutting out any particular food group (because we were meant to enjoy 🍫🥐🍔🌮!) These days I focus on what I WANT to eat - not what I'm told I shouldn't eat. I enjoy 🍕🥘🍷& 🍪 🎂just as much as 🍎🍌🥑🥕 & 🥗🍣🥦! I've spent time learning from experts in their field on how to connect #mindfully to my body in ways I never imagined. My body WORKS FOR ME instead of against me, and I treat it like it's my BFF 👭 And yes, I do love to move and exercise my body - BUT it took me 20 years to figure out that it truly comes down to #WHATYOUEAT that will lead to #weightloss and a #healthylifestyle.

NOW I want to share what I've learned WITH YOU!! Are you ready?! If you're interested in learning more about #mindfuleating, creating a healthier relationship with food, and losing weight WITHOUT exercising (yup, I said it!), then drop me a line or private message me and lets chat about how you don't have to ever use that nasty “D” word again 😉❌⭕️ #healthylife #healthymom #fitmom #fitspo #fitlife #momlife

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