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Okay maybe the nameless/faceless author of this post is biased 🤫 buuut Scarpas are amazing and that’s a fact 💥. Try a pair on Sunday out at Katy and just see if you agree.

Scheduled rest day!💆🏻‍♀️
We hate closing our gyms for y’all, but we are a biiit overdue in getting the crew together for some staff appreciation. Speaking of staff, can we get some shout out for these cats?!
☝️Please know that we don’t take closing the gym lightly. We’ll have events like this seldom, and hold them during “off hours” as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and patronage. 😍We appreciate you all so much and the community y’all have created.👏
We’ll be back to normal hours the next day.

We know that teen girls today face a significant challenge, navigating important milestones while under the lens of social media. 🙅🏽‍♀️
That’s why we’re creating space this weekend for young women to feel empowerment, community, and to realize their own strength💪 and beauty, in a ✨yoga + mindfulness workshop✨.
Help us spread the word! Tag a young woman or parent of one!
More info & booking: —> Silver Street —> More
Workshop led by the inspiring women of @mudfloweryoga

Come check out the awesome new boulders at #momentumkaty! Featured is this month’s #betterbeta set by @climbhard88 and shot by @tylcleaner! #climbing #bouldering #katy #texas #worldcup #setting #routesetting

✨ Giveaway time!! ✨ Make sure you’re following us and @frictionlabs and tag two friends below! We have a 5oz bag of BamBam and a tube of Secret Stuff. We’ll randomly draw tomorrow night after the demo in Katy wraps up.
Not usually lucky? Stop by the gym to try out the chalk—you can borrow a chalk bag to climb with! Plus, buy any bag of 5oz+ Friction Labs chalk, and get a free Secret Stuff.
Catch David tonight at Silver Street and tomorrow in Katy!

We can’t be completely sure but it seeeems like a lot of our members love @frictionlabs chalk.

Friction Labs chalk demo and flash sale - come see what the fuss is about:
-Wednesday, Silver Street, 4-8pm
-Thursday, Katy, 4-8pm

Where will you be Thursday?! MoMixer will be in full swing 💃🏽 We have our customary comp of course, plus @frictionlabs onsite, demoing their magic ✨(and we hear there might be a sale💰).

Members - bringing a free guest is SO EASY it’s kind of confusing why more people don’t🤷🏻‍♀️—just wear red! 👇Tag that friend you’ve been bugging to climb w/ you to gently hint that this is the week. What better night to invite some new climbers into the community and show them what this place is about? 🧗🏽‍♂️😁💪

Dreaming about new shoes but hesitant to commit without a test drive?? @climbbutora will be onsite at Silver Street tomorrow, demoing 4p-8pm
Try a variety of their shoes free. Some available for purchase and of course ordering.

This guy 👆loves his Butoras for their wide option which fit his Sasquatch paws juuust right 👌
Model: The super dreamy @nheavy

You want mooooore abs classes in Silver Street — we hear you!! Introducing ‘Moore’ Abs, 7pm on Friday nights. Feel good about capping your week with an intense 30 minute abs-focused workout with our own Marcus Moore (get it?! 🤓). Check our Insta story highlights (by going to our Insta profile) for our entire fitness and yoga schedules!

PSA: Labor Day Hours! Both gyms! #momentumclimbing #momentumkaty #momentumsilverstreet

We're still buzzing from Global Climbing Day Momentum Indoor Climbing Katy and Momentum Indoor Climbing Silver Street

Thank you to everyone who came out to the event! Between the two Momentum locations, we raised nearly $3000 for the Khumbu Climbing Center in Nepal. Nice job Texas!!! Special shout out to all the amazing volunteers that helped our staff facilitate a safe and fun event for everyone! You guys were helping us spread the joys of climbing to our community and we couldn't have done it without you ~ SINCEREST THANK YOU'S to: Anthony, Emaleigh, Nicolas, Ava, Cecilia, Stephen, Christian, Erik, Sydney, Jordan, Jacqueline, Victoria, Caty, Jessica, Kevin, Li, Caley, Aaron, Angelina, Julie, Paolo, Cynthia, Anna, Andrea, Angelina C, Haniah, Sammuel, Linh, Steffan, Julio, Alexis, Telemachos, Samantha, Nathan, Nathan, Tyler, and Lily!! If I missed anyone, thank you to you as well!! Shout out to the Momentum staff, coaches, and route-setters! Doing the work and spreading the psych!!! Big thank you to No Label Brewing Co. for the libations!

And thank you to Sofa Kingz for providing the crowd pleasing tunes! You guys rocked it!!! Thank you to @darron_jacobs_photography and Tyler for snapping some sweet shots of the event!! And of course thank you to The North Face for inspiring everyone around the world to climb these walls!! #wallsaremeantforclimbing #globalclimbingday

We'll get some sick photos up for you guys soon!! <3

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