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Spending time simply at home ✨ #mageeray #rowanable #grateful

Our first snow in Kentucky!! Feeling so grateful for slow mornings around the table, eating waffles and bacon, hot coffee, a family walk to the park, and tons of laughs while we sled! #mageeray #rowanable #grateful #snowday

When I think back on 2018 I’m met with mixed emotions. Several challenges and changes were thrown my way. But when I’m still and truly reflect all I come away with is deep gratitude. I’ve had an epic year of being home more. Raising Mags, being present with Rowan, deepening my relationship with Ben. Focusing on the Lord and delighting in him daily. Trusting the process after unexpected job loss. Cheering for my dude when he landed a huge new job. Starting my own company. Seeing Mags take her first steps. Getting closer than I ever knew possible to my precious mom who has faithfully loved me no matter what season I’m in. Enjoying a new home with its simple mornings. Having poppy live in our backhouse and seeing him more than ever, nightly talks that spur me on to be a better human. Realizing I need to grow in gentleness. Being excited about how much my body can do and how strong I truly am. This year has broken me and rebuilt me and for that I’m in awe. I’m thrilled for 2019 but so thankful for the growth that came in 2018. ✨

Here’s a fish pic because 2018 was a slow fish year for me. I struggled. I looked for steelhead in Washington and wound up skunked. I lost a lot of big brown trout in Idaho. But I landed this rainbow in North Carolina and it was a beautiful and humbling day that I’ll never forget. I think I even cried... ✨

HAPPY NEW YEAR beautiful friends!! I pray you’re blessed and enjoy this wonderful new chapter. Life is awesome #grateful #life #happynewyear #rainbowtrout #flyfishing

Disney!! I want to remember that we survived Disney at Christmas—it was wild!!! 😂#grateful #familyvacation

Grateful for this beautiful day✨ We are hosting Christmas this year for the very first time and feel so full. We are blessed to have both families living in town. Poppy walked to breakfast. Sarah is home from Peru and now we celebrate around the dinner table, sharing stories and laughing at ourselves and of course lots of cuddles and hugs. #merrychristmas #swissfamilyroberson #love #mageeray #rowanable

Merry Christmas sweet friends! I hope you feel loved and warm tonight. Embrace those around you and be still together. Enjoy the awe of the tree and the wonder of love! #merrychristmas #grateful #joytotheworld #silentnight #familygoodness #mageeray #rowanable #braveloerke

All I want for Christmas are cuddles and snuggles!
Feeling really grateful lately. Grateful for Mags and how this season I’ve been able to slow down and get to know her more deeply. Grateful for time with Rowan and how he teaches me that fun can be had when we sit down and play a game together and that sometimes saying yes today is way better than trying control tomorrow. Grateful that Ben has been so safe for me. A place I can be raw and broken and unsure. Grateful for a family that helps me constantly with my kids, my house, my schedule. They really pick up my slack. Grateful for friends that call me first thing in the morning just to ask how my surgeries went this week. Grateful for a God that sees me, knows me, and never stops loving me. Grateful that my sister Sarah will be home from Peru in less than a week and it’ll finally feel like Christmas again. Happy Christmas season friends. Slow down and soak it all up—before we know it it’ll be 2019. #merrychristmas #grateful #mageeray #family

Yesterday we explored Poppy’s land for the yummiest smelling trees 🌲
Our hunt was successful and we carried on a beautiful tradition of cutting our own tree the day after thanksgiving. #grateful #happyplace #rowanable #mageeray #treehunt

Happyyyyy Birthdayyyyy to my sweet Magee Ray!
The look on Mag’s face says it all. She is confident, wild, curious, and playful. Ready to sail the seven seas and stand firm against a stormy gale. She tastes everything she picks up, and her passion for life spills over into an excited growl when she can no longer contain it. May these qualities always hold true. Magee, we love your young strength and have cherished every day and night of the last year.
#mageeray#happybirthday #grateful #oneyear

One of my favorite days spent with Rowan this year. I love that nature is our playground! Sometimes being home can be hard but when we are outside together we instantly get along and understand each other. #flyfishing #rowanable #grateful #catchandrelease #rainbowtrout #momlife #5050onthewater

Enjoying all things fall with my little acorn. She’s going to be one in two weeks and I can’t believe it. I blinked and the year flew. All the nights I cried from exhaustion and constantly nursing or pumping when I wasn’t nursing. It was hard but the reward was far beyond anything I could imagine. This morning she crawled to get her brother’s baseball and held it up with such fierce excitement—a simple reminder that life is awesome!
Yes to a sweet Monday morning! Let’s rock this week friends 🙌💗 #mageeray

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