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Babies' first homemade panko-breaded, pan-fried chicken cutlets, and by "babies," I mean the almost-5-year-old in only her underwear AND me 🐣 (Also, standing on a chair, like old times!)

Drove down to Portland early this morning to do a modeling(!) gig(!) for someone who is launching a line of beautiful made-to-order clothing, and had my hair and makeup done for the first(!) time(!) ever(!), and my life just keeps getting weirder and weirder, and I like it.

Per June's request, we're all wearing pink 💞

👋🏼 from a quiet morning here, where I've just made a double batch of my dad's potato salad for tonight's dinner and am softening butter for a rhubarb cake from the @hedgebrook cookbook, listening to a beautiful and difficult Nancy podcast episode about the Pulse massacre, making myself fruit salad and drinking @kumacoffee before heading out to work at @delanceyseattle and meet with @mamstergrub about the travel writing workshop we're teaching at @thepantryseattle in mid-July. Good, good morning.

Having my car serviced today, so @coodyp let me borrow his sweet ride (Tercel! 377K miles! Smooth uncushioned wheel! Tape deck!) to run restaurant errands, and I am IN LOVE

I just learned that the kind people of @epicurious named me one of the "100 Greatest Home Cooks of All Time," (!!!!!) and I can't imagine a better compliment. The caption they wrote makes me feel so proud. Thanks, homies. 🌈

This afternoon Snow White cleaned my car windows with a wispy weed plucked from the side of the road. Pretty standard Sunday.

Just found this one from back in January: my sweet potato in her ballet clothes and rain boots and a headband that was my mom's in the '80s, with a baby blanket tied around her shoulders, sitting on a case of canned tomatoes in her parents' restaurant, waiting for dance class to start in the studio next door to Essex, and oh my 💗


My throat still hurts from a nasty virus I had all weekend, but I got to wear the shorts I bought as a present to myself and my favorite shirt from the old days of @3191milesapart, got to have interesting and meaningful conversations with every person working at Delancey and Essex today, started to fix some messes and mistakes I hadn't felt good about, and then came home to find that my partner, who is recovering from having top surgery last Thursday, had straightened the house, started laundry, and was doing yard work in the front yard and is STILL OUT THERE as I stand on the edge of my bathtub LIKE A WEIRDO and snap this picture to remember how good, and hard, and good things can be

How can someone drive me abso-fucking nuts and yet in the next second I can love her so much it, like, actually hurts? And furthermore, how did I make it to age almost-39 not knowing that sometimes, or maybe a lot of the time, that's how love feels? Duh?

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