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OMG she just ended movie night prematurely because SHE WANTED TO SEW. MY ENTIRE LIFE HAS BEEN BUILDING TO THIS MOMENT

Went to therapy instead of watching the eclipse, oops, but then celebrated the day with family and a foggy beach at low tide 💫

When your wee wittle baby has tan lines and looks as big as you in photos (an optical illusion... for now?) but got sleepy while making invitations to her 5th birthday and fell asleep sucking her thumb 💘

My house has a tiny windowless bathroom under the stairs, and over the first weekend of January, sewage backed up into it and saturated the red deep-pile wall-to-wall carpet, wicking about 2' up the drywall. It took all these months and a whole bunch of waiting (for sewage mitigation, an insurance check, asbestos abatement, contractor stuff, life) but the bathroom is finally, cheaply, back in working order! I lost my mind and made the entire thing Benjamin Moore "Pink Sea Shell." Reused old baseboards from the living room, used some plain white floor tile that the contractor already had, used the original mirror, medicine cabinet, towel racks, and 4-bulb globe light fixture. Got a new sink and a very workmanlike faucet (as seen in most doctor's offices) that I love, a new toilet, and a custom-built plywood vanity with laminate top and sides. Threw in a vintage braided rag rug from eBay ($28, I'm in love). It's VERY pink in there, and I am DELIGHTED. As Ash generously says, "No one could possibly feel unhappy in this bathroom," and that, my friends, is what I need. ❤️

Woke up too early and am now sitting here with my mostly empty mug of tea and a fully empty bowl of fruit salad, thinking about the fact that my country is led by a psychopath, a psychopath in the clinical sense of not being able to distinguish right from wrong. I am not a patriot. I am American, and I am grateful to be American, and I gladly pay my taxes and cast my votes, but I do those things because I care about people, not country. There is a difference, and it matters. This morning I pulled out Allen Ginsberg's "America," a poem I first encountered at the age of 16 (thank you, @oaiquartz), and more than sixty years after its writing, it still speaks to, and for, me: "America I'm putting my queer shoulder to the wheel."

Having a bit of an off-kilter day / modem broke / maybe a little summered out / received a request for a snack behind the sofa / ok

Hey, guess which pizza restaurant is turning 8 this weekend? Guess which bar is turning 5? YOU GUESSED RIGHT MY FRIENDS! The annual Delancey/Essex birthday 💥spectacular💥 is this Sunday, August 13th. That means we're open for normal business, but we ALSO will be giving away slices of homemade birthday cake, enjoying live music by the Djangomatics, and donating the night's profits to a very important and deserving local organization: Ingersoll Gender Center (@ingersollgender), "an organization of, by, and for transgender and gender diverse people that provides mutual support through peer led support groups, advocacy in navigating resources, community organizing, and education." Long live the pizza party! 🎉 And thank you.

Little-known fact: the person on the right LOVES Celine Dion's "It's All Coming Back to Me Now"

Picked a pint of blackberries on the walk to dinner 💪🏼

Home again home again 😍


Listened to "Graceland" en route to Graceland, of course

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