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Molly M. McManimie  NFL Agent, Caric Sports Management CSULB '13 | Chapman Law '16 Professional celebrator Fueled by passion On #MollysWorldSpinTour 🚲 Mark 9:23

Last night was one of the best nights of my life. Over a year ago I realized my dad was turning 60 and I decided it had to be over-the-top special. And it was. Thank you to everyone who came and helped and allowed me to give my dad his flowers while he can still smell them.

All we do is CELEBRATE ❤️ love my @chelseaa_luckey #dontevengetusstarted

Successfully Iced my siblings and their boyfriends 🤘🏻

WE DID IT!!! Surprise party for Jimbo has begun! 🙌🏻

Families who spin together stay together.... or something. Thanks to @emilyaleavitt for making @peterro130’s first spin class 🔥 this morning! #MollysWorldSpinTour

One of the very best parts of working with athletes is getting to know their human sides. The work NFL players do in their communities, around the nation and around the world usually doesn’t make headlines. But they do it anyway.
@zachertz and @julieertz started the @ertzfamilyfoundation this year and have already made an incredible impact. I’m very proud to work for them both, not just because of the world class athletes they are but because of the world class human beings they are on top of it. Very excited to see Zach get recognized as this week’s @nflpa Community MVP of the week. So well deserved. He’s having a Pro Bowl year on and off the field. #CaricSportsFamily

I’ve been asking for his “help” since I came out of the womb... 😂 I’ve been a Daddy’s Girl my whole life and today is his day. 60 years ago God decided the world needed a little more humor, sarcasm, wit and fun. My dad is a light in every room he walks in, he’s the friend that everyone wants to be around and the dad that I was lucky enough to get. I’m honored to by your daughter, Jimbo, and I’m lucky to be your friend. You make life so much more fun, you make any dream seem obtainable and you have shown me what it means to be selfless. If you could, you’d help every single person around you be successful and comfortable. Even when people have let you down, you continue to show up. For me, for my sisters, for my friends and for anyone who’s in need. You’re the greatest example of what a friend, man and dad should be. I’m SO happy you were born on this day 60 years ago. Let’s celebrate you all weekend long, Vegas style! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dad, my best friend, my hero, my video recorder, my general contractor, my sushi date, my fellow Golden Knights fan and so much more... I love you so much! ❤️ @jimmcmanimie

REALLY quick stop in MN to see Ade and his wife! So glad to see this guy in good spirits - if anyone can handle adversity it’s him. Love my #CaricSportsFamily 🙏🏻

Sucker for a good flyover 🤘🏻

0-4, 4-0, doesn’t matter. Greatest place to tailgate in America. #GoBruins

I come alive in the Knight time 😎 #GoKnightsGo

A year ago today, just like yesterday, I was out of town at a football game. I had decided to drive that weekend instead of fly because it was in LA. I decided to stay in LA that night and drive home early the next morning. Around 10:00 that night, my dad started texting me telling me he heard on the police scanner there was a shooter at Mandalay Bay. Many people don’t pay attention to the police scanner like my dad, but he hears this kind of stuff a lot. Usually it amounts to nothing. I sent out a “be safe” tweet to my Vegas friends and fell asleep.
Over an hour later, I woke up to probably 20-25 text messages of people asking me if I was okay. Confused, I turned on the TV and read the headline for the first time: “over 50 feared dead, 300 injured”. I had no idea what had happened since I fell asleep and began panicking that my dad, who lives on the strip, was in danger. I didn’t fall back asleep that night and slowly started to piece together what happened. I knew by the location of the event my dad was safe and his lack of response was just him sleeping. Other people didn’t get to share that same peace of mind about their unanswered texts and calls to their loved ones.
We spent the next few days as a community doing everything possible to help. Blood drives had to turn people away, the GoFundMe account reached an unimaginable amount and every local business or organization was all hands on deck. It was beautiful to see.
I still can’t wrap my head around what happened or why. I’m almost glad I can’t because I don’t want to be able to comprehend evil. But on the night of 1 October, there was one evil man. For the weeks, months and this entire year after, there have been millions of people who are GOOD. That’s what I focus on.
Very heavy heart today. A year later, we are definitely #VegasStronger.

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