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Molly M. McManimie  NFL Agent, Caric Sports Management CSULB '13 | Chapman Law '16 Professional celebrator Fueled by passion - rooted in compassion AZ born Mark 9:23

Wanted to say a huge thank you to all of the companies who contributed to our client care packages this year. We appreciate your support and willingness to help out our #CaricSportsFamily 💪🏻

It was a great weekend with great people. ❤️

EST. 8-12-1991.
Healthy, happy, loved. I can’t ask for more. 🎈

Oh my gosh @calexfornia just showed up to my birthday BBQ with these annnnd I’m speechless. #PrisonMike

Shot around by myself and still somehow lost. I’m just gonna say I missed a lot on purpose because it’s a better workout. #gettingold

Welcome to the family @kamugrugierhill! Excited for what’s ahead!
#Repost @caricsportsmanagement with @get_repost
We could not be more excited to welcome @kamugrugierhill to the #CaricSportsFamily! Big things ahead for this guy! #FlyEaglesFly #FlyinHawaiian

Happy 2 year anniversary, Vegas. 🥂

I love you more than 21 year olds like the weird Jell-O shots at Sharkeez. #why #thirtyandflirtyandthriving

ITS YOUR DAY, VEEVS! Today my best friend enters a new decade. I met this tiny-headed human almost exactly 7 years ago and I would have never guessed when I walked into my new job that summer that I would meet my soul sister. From the moment we clicked, we never looked back. Veevs, you are the most loyal and supportive person on this planet. I hope this decade the world starts to show you the same kindness you show everyone else all the time. I’m so lucky to have you around to help keep me in line and to hold all my secrets. Thanks for being my constant in life - for being that friend that answers the 1am phone calls, for being that friend who has given me a key to every single house you’ve lived in so I always have a place to stay (or just shower at after a spin class), for always buying my favorite snacks, for letting me eat your avocados and for not kicking me out of your house when I inevitably spill something on your couch... every single time I come over. You are what best friend dreams are made of and I couldn’t be more excited to celebrate you ALL WEEKEND! This is your year - no - your decade. I’m so excited to watch all the good that comes your way! And remember.. “nothing can stop us from being great” 👯‍♀️✨

Today LinkedIn notified me that I had been with #CSM for 3 years (or at least it’s been on my LinkedIn for 3 years). It’s a blessing in today’s society to find somewhere that allows you to simultaneously follow your passion but grow while doing it. So many places expect you to be polished and perfect when you walk in, but I was lucky enough to find a home somewhere that knew I was basically starting from scratch in this industry and gave me a shot anyway. I love what I do every day, who I do it with/for and where I do it and I know that’s rare. Feeling very grateful for a job that challenges me and pushes me to never remain stagnant but still feels comfortable at the same time. I’m so excited about the growth of this company and where we are headed. Here’s to more growth and many more years.

Thankful the Angels waited till today to suck so I got to watch them light the Mariners up 🔥 don’t think I could have had a better weekend if I tried. #MarriottLife

HAPPY FREAKIN’ BIRTHDAY ALEXANDRA GRAY! Can you believe these pictures are ALL from your 27th year of life together?! We’ve done Miami, Dallas, Seattle, Chicago, NYC and of course Vegas, Newport and the LBC. A few good UCLA games (uhh Texas A&M comeback anyone??) and nights in LA in between. Everywhere we go together, whether it’s a random Marriott in El Segundo or the Ritz Carlton on the beach in Miami, we make the absolute MOST out of and that’s why I cherish you SO much as a friend. Looking through all these photos makes me so happy that you were born and that I’ve been lucky enough to spend the last 7 years traveling the world with you one Marriott at a time. It’s such a blessing to be your friend. Cheers to YOU my beautiful, SMART, fearless friend. Here’s to another year full of Rosé and calamari. 😘

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