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Molly M. McManimie  NFL Agent, Caric Sports Management CSULB '13 | Chapman Law '16 Professional celebrator Arizona born Mark 9:23

Can’t let today pass by without wishing the best step dad in the world a happy birthday! Mike is the most selfless, caring and witty addition to our family and I can’t imagine my life without him. I really believe my sisters and I won the bonus-dad lottery. Mike, hoping you had a day filled with puppy cuddles, a few pints of beer and corny jokes with my mom. Cheers to you! 3 musketeers forever! (Ps - this amazing photo was taken in the seconds following @josh3rosen’s TD pass to complete the comeback over A&M. Enjoy the pure joy on our sweaty faces 😂)

Obligatory. Thank you for the best St Patrick’s weekend, Chi Town. You lived up to the hype and more 🍀

Goes to Chicago once

Bucket list item ✔️

Different city, same friends if ya lookin’ for me.

No shame in my tourist game.

Random midday shoot around outside of Wrigley Field.

Enjoyed my first go at KC bbq tonight with the Kansas State portion of the #CaricSportsFamily!

To the little human who stole all of our hearts when she came into the world 5 years ago, happy birthday! Madi is smart, kind and a little ray of sunshine. There’s no bad day that a Madi hug or birthday video can’t fix. I feel so lucky to be her Auntie Toots and have enjoyed watching her grow so much. If this is even a small glimpse of how much you can love your own child, I’m in for it. Happy birthday Madi, I love you!

Happy #InternationalWomensDay to all of the amazing, wonderful and empowering women in my circle. I wanted to especially wish it to these two who have been by my side my whole life, and to our parents. I always wished I had brothers growing up because I thought sisters were just there to nag you and steal your clothes. I know now having a family of all girls shaped me to be who I am.
My sisters and I were raised to be whoever the hell we wanted to be. My father embraced every struggle and stage of being a girl-dad. He did my hair, but also taught me how to shoot a basketball. He would walk in Limited Too with me but also was the only dad to run with his girls at Running Club. I still remember the day he challenged me to run 2 miles, and we did it together. I was raised by a very successful, brilliant working mother who always found true joy in her work. Growing up, I didn’t totally value this because it meant long days after school in day care. As I got older, I realize now it’s because of her I never doubted my ability to become that same working professional - holding my own in good ole clubs - and I wouldn’t go back and change it for anything. Because of her, college was on my radar at such a young age that a graduate degree and a fulfilling career were inevitable.

My parents molded us into 3 fierce, opinionated and very different women. The only requirement my parents have ever had in what we do with our lives is that we be damn good at it and do it with everything we have. My older sister is an Ivy League educated actor and a teacher with her MFA. I chose to get a law degree and work in sports. My younger sister has dedicated her life to nonprofits and animals. Because of my parents, we took our upbringing and turned it into whatever we wanted to. My sisters are passionate, hard working and empathetic. They are strong-headed but well rounded. They are aggressive in their beliefs but love with all they have. We benefited from and were molded by an upbringing that never forced us into a box. We were always given permission to live life on our terms, and on our own time. So on this #InternationalWomensDay, I am celebrating that. #McManibabesForever

We all have something that sticks in our mind and motivates us and this has been the phrase that does that for me for as long as I can remember. It’s a sentence I tell myself every single day and a statement that has motivated me to attain everything I want out of life. Even though I travel (a lot), I find myself sitting around at five o’clock on this regular Tuesday feeling so grateful for my normal, every day life..... my home, my friends, the car I drive, the food I eat, the weather outside, my job, the fact I’ve found a gym I look forward to getting to after work. All of those things that make up REAL life. Life really is way too short to live weekend to weekend or vacation to vacation. Make your real life something you’re excited about. And even though the definition of that is different for every person, we all deserve that.🌻 #attitudeofgratitude

Gonna miss the late nights in the convention center halls! So proud of how @tyrellcrosby and @binghamballer9 performed and can’t wait to see the rest of these guys (+ @showtimeqm & @blueskalus) perform these next two days. #CaricSportsFamily

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