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molly johnson  this is the way i live • KU 2019

starting to transform my studio into a home for the butterflies! i already met my first goal of getting 50 by the 8th! setting a new goal of 100 by halloween🙂 send them to my p.o. box : Molly Johnson, P.O. Box 1361, Lawrence, KS 66044 💕🦋 #inprogress #visualart #instalation #butterfliesforhannah

hey friends, family, acquaintances, etc. please bear with me for a minute. i’m posting to talk about an installation i plan on doing and am looking for contributions. basically i want everyone in the world to send me a butterfly they made (can be any medium) it can take 30 seconds or however long you choose. the point is to call attention to domestic and child abuse. growing up this was something very close to me. one night a friend of mine who was experiencing abuse was crying at my dining room table after court or therapy or something and said “i shouldn’t have to be doing this, i should be drawing butterflies” she was about 10 years old. so, i’ll be making drawings of my own experiences and memories to put on a table with a few chairs around it and want to cover the room in butterflies. my plan is to hang them from the ceiling but if you make something too heavy for that that’s totally fine and i will find another way to display it. you are so welcome to ask me for more details, share this post, and make as many butterflies as you can/want. my goal is to have at least 50 by October 8th. 💕🦋 #workinprogress #visualart #ButterfliesForHannah

same interests, new journal. getting really inspired and excited about this coming semester #journaling #womenssexuality #mountains #drawing #collage #visualart #sketch

i have a sort of fetish for collages right now. also feeling really mad at my dad so i’m using old pictures i found in a box of his and seeing what happens. I did this in between classes as some practice for what i’m questioning as a final assignment for myself. (sorry that was kinda jumbled) #visualart #collage #daddyissues #arttherapy #sketchbook #journaling

may the lord open... #lorettochapel

imagine being in a room full of bubbles and not being allowed to pop any... that’s what being in Carlsbad Caverns felt like #amazingpain #photography #carlsbadcaverns #nationalpark

finnian as jfc

got some silly geese

ask me about my vagina
Grandma’s Brooch, 2018
copper, brass, silver, pearl

made my first quilt last semester 🙂
Womanhood, 2018
resist dyed fabric, cotton
#visualart #sexuality #vagina #textiles #quilt #feminism #womenempowerment

BDSM?, 2017
nickel, pom poms, master lock
#BDSM #metals #visualart #sexuality #jewlery

my screen shot project from freshman year. for more close up images of this project check out my ~tumblr~ (link in bio)
Collection, 2016
Plywood, Inkjet Prints, Wire
#mixedmedia #screenshots #collection #visualart

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