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Birdy's best bud and second cousin is here visiting from NY for a few days. Last night we had our first sleepover which was pretty much a raving success. Although Sam keeps different morning hours than Birdy. We were up with the sun and out to the garden gathering worms for Birdy's most recent animal project. I guess this is how boys start their days. #wafflehilfarm #tinynaturalist

Last look back at this sweet girl with her big eyes.

2017: The year I only had to help shear the hard parts.

Some bunny. 💙

Birdy spent many of her fair hours standing over these ducklings and picking her favorites. Somehow we managed to go home without one squirreled away in her pocket. #miraclesdohappen #tinynaturalist

I have a farm fair hangover. The dining room is still littered with signs and ribbons and dirty show clothes. We finally cleaned out the water-logged cooler and put away the leftover granola bars and water bottles. Trying to make a little progress on the mess each day. Hearts are still hurting a little bit, but we're getting there. Bear with me, as I share some favorite photos from a Tuesday morning walk around the show barns.

Even moms can win ribbons. #farmfair

She crawled in my bed and the first thing out of her mouth was debating whether a fawn or an injured barn swallow would be easier for her to take care of. (She decided fawn because she could keep it in her room?) She still misses Penny like mad--her barn swallow from last summer. And we've been hoping so hard another injured/orphaned bird would come into her life again. But no luck yet. So we've been collecting the usual--butterflies, moths, toads, and in this case a wisp of a baby mantis. Studying, examining and letting them go again. #tinynaturalist

// sunset lamb walks on the hill 💛// Yesterday I went to the corner gas station and bought a bottle of Pepto Bismol and two cans of ginger ale. At checkout I wanted to tell the girl it wasn't what she thought--ginger ale to take along to a Sunday night bluegrass concert and Pepto for a sick lamb in the barn. The fair is 13 days away and everyone is feeling the pressure. The lambs are small this year. Born too late. But raising them ourselves adds an extra element of learning and pride to the whole experience for the girls. I went out to the barn early this morning before elizabeth, just in case. Sick little Walter is okay, but still not 100%. So another dose of the pink stuff and careful watch for the day. Fingers crossed he feels better soon. #wafflehillfarm

The girls named him Gordy. #wafflehillfarm

In the garden a few nights ago and this is where he decided to stop and rest. I think he misses his old buddy. We do too, Willie. #wafflehillfarm

This is both good advertising for the farmers I love, and a good reminder--walking through the grocery store this past weekend, when it's tempting to reach for the fruit that's cheaper instead of the produce grown close to home. I can make that one extra stop on the way home for local flowers, ice cream or produce. Or simply modify my dinner plans just a bit to accommodate the wealth of goodness growing in my garden. #keepitlocal #wafflehillfarm

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