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TWINS! The one morning we didn't check the barn on the way to school...I got home and walked into the barn to do chores and noticed Jane wasn't looking for me from the gate. And then I heard the tell-tale tiny baas coming from her pen. She is a wonderful, calm and quiet mama.
Her smaller lamb we've been watching closely and giving a little extra nutrition with a bottle but all is well. Life is miraculous. Even life in a barn.

If this isn't the face of a woman who is most likely about to give birth to triplets, I don't know what is. I tend on the side of nervous sheep midwife, but thank goodness for good friends who live right up the road and promise to be on call if I need them. Baby lambs could arrive any day now. I have a feeling Jane is ready. #wafflehillfarm

These two wait patiently for me every morning. For a good scratching and a fill up of their feed pan. I think they've tripled in girth since we moved to Waffle Hill this summer. They are taking good care of that mouse population. #wafflehillfarm

I started out this year by reading "Present Over Perfect" and one thing that has really stuck with me from the book is this: If you're not careful with your yeses, you start to say no to some very important things without even realizing it. ⠀

I've learned over this past year that I am a people-pleaser through and through. It also makes me a yes-giver. Often, because I simply don't want to hurt the other person's feelings. Lately, I've been trying to put myself in the other person's shoes. If someone said no to me about this, would I be hurt or offended? Nine times out of ten, the answer is no. It's good to be a giver, but it's also good to have the freedom to say no when you need to and when it's best for you and the things you care most deeply about. ⠀

So here's to a year of saying yes, whenever I can, but not being afraid to say no, too.

Climbing out of a few days fog of fever and runny noses and achey bodies. And probably way too many episodes of Nature on netflix.

It's going to be a big February around here. I have two dates circled in red on my calendar--February 19+23, the day our two new sheep the girls bought with their fair earnings, are due to lamb. Babies on the farm, people. And soon! 🐑 🐑 💛 💛 #wafflehillfarm #bringonthebabies #newblogpost #linkinprofile

"Miss no single opportunity of making some small sacrifice, here by a smiling look, there by a kindly word; always doing the smallest right and doing it all for love." --St. Therese de Lisieux⠀
Feeling a bit weary because my work requires me to be on social media, a LOT. But holding on to the smallest right, the small sacrifices, the kindly word, and the beauty in the commonplace.

A new blog post! Taking a quick look back at a few things that really helped me create a vision for this year. For the first time, in a long time, I feel like I started the year in a really good place and with some realistic, exciting and meaningful plans. Good books. Good planners. And a killer goal-setting workbook. 25 days in, and still going strong. 👊🏼#powersheets

When you're equal parts bird and Birdy. Her creativity never disappoints.

Print more photos in 2017.⠀
Give more photos in 2017.⠀

Favorite ukulele player learning one of my favorite songs. @eliza.paigeb

This girl got a beautiful little soprano ukulele for Christmas and has learned more chords in 11 days than I have in the 3 years of owning my mandolin. Thank goodness I still have her beat on piano. Jury's still out on the singing. ⠀

Family band, here we come.

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