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It would appear that wildlife is now arriving at Birdy's doorstep. I was just telling the girls it was turtle weather and then we stepped outside today, only to discover this red-eared slider on our front porch. We've always told Birdy that if she's kind to animals, they'll tell their friends. Apparently, word has gotten out. (Check my Insta story for the release. It's adorable.) #tinynaturalist #wafflehillfarm

We weaned the baby lambs this morning. I keep thinking they've hardly grown, but when I look at this picture I realize how big they've gotten. The girls spent most of the day out in the barn wth them making sure they didn't miss their mama's too much. The babies have been surprisingly calm about the situation. Weaning is always one of my least favorite parts but it looks like we just might make it through the transition easily this year. Next on the agenda: halter breaking and getting them ready for the county fair this summer. #wafflehillfarm

I might be slightly regretting jumping in on @jennakutcher 's Instagram challenge this week. Tighten up my bio? Yes, I can do that. But get in front of the camera? Ugh. You can see by the hour, that I dragged my feet to the very, very end of day 2. Literally the eleventh hour. Why is this so hard? But here you go. Three completely random, unrelated things about me: 1) I'm about six months overdue on getting a haircut. It's getting caught in things like seat belts and jacket zippers, and catching me off guard. Bug crawling down my back? No, it's just my ridiculous hair.
2) I was the queen of my 1993 county fair. I have the sash and crown to prove it. Ask my girls.
3) Music gets me like not much else can. Play it. Sing it. Listen to it. I'll take it all. Last spring I took Elizabeth to her first concert--Patty Griffin, Sara Watkins, Anais Mitchell...we were a few minutes late and snuck into our seats in the little theater and I was immediately overcome with emotion. It was so good, it was almost painful. Thank goodness the theater was dark. Lately, Dolly has been hitting the sweet spot. But do yourself a favor and go listen to Home by Meg Hutchinson. ⬆️(popped a link in my bio!) There's nothing I like more then discovering new music. What's hitting the sweet spot for you? #jkinstachallenge

I know I talked about podcasts a few days ago, but today I drove those twenty minutes home from school drop off in silence. And I realized it's not often enough that I "partake" in the gift of quiet.
In other news, Birdy hatched a bunch of woolly bears she collected a few months ago. Their life cycle is really fascinating and they emerge as beautiful golden yellow moths. After several weeks of quiet. Noted. #tinynaturalist

Because every Friday needs a little alpaca. 💚💚(from my run to our neighbor's farm for straw)

Current bird situation in our house: Otis's clipped wings have grown out which means when Birdy leaves the room he follows her--flying through doorways and hallways to find her. Birdy is "hatching" a speckled sparrow egg in a plastic toy animal carrier. She has it wrapped in flannel, tucked in with a stuffed animal. I've tried to gently explain that it might not work. She's refusing to give up. We let the zebra finches finally lay eggs--after much begging by Birdy--and there are two babies the size of your pinky fingernail currently hatched in the nest. Why yes, yes I am running a zoo. #tinynaturalist #wafflehillfarm

I listen to podcasts for those sacred 20 minutes I have between dropping the older two kids at school and getting back home to dive into chores and homeschooling and work. I started one this week from a blogger who I thought was so different from me, living a life so opposite of mine. What could she possibly offer me if we were so different? But I was intrigued by one of the topics she was covering. Since then I've listened to almost every podcast she's put out. She IS so different from me, but man, I'm learning so much from such a fresh and unique perspective. It's good to wander outside those boundaries we sometimes set up around ourselves. Lessons learned and remembered for me, all around. #wafflehillfarm

Things I might regret later: The seashell sorting currently happening on my bed. #allthesand #tinynaturalist

Just the two of us today. We were supposed to head north to the Amish grocery store but heavy rain and winds made us change our minds. No fun loading and unloading groceries in the pouring down rain. So we are enjoying a rainy day at home. I'm doing fun things like uploading tax documents and paying bills. And I hear her in her room practicing ukulele. I'd like to trade places.

We watched Searching For Bobby Fischer last weekend. She had the chess board set up and waiting for him when he got home from work. #wafflehillfarm

Today Birdy and I heard loud screeching coming from the guest room window. We looked out in time to see a Red-tailed Hawk in the lane, standing over a blue jay (still alive). Birdy went racing down the steps only to see it fly away just as she burst outside through the front door. There were tears. Even though she knows the hawk needs to eat too, she was sad at a missed opportunity to care for the blue jay. She really wants an injured bird to take care of. She wants another Penny. This girl. She tugs at my heart strings. She is magnificently observant, endlessly curious and a caretaker of wild things. I can't wait to see where these gifts take her some day. #tinynaturalist #wafflehillfarm

Hello, 236. #wafflehillfarm

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