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Molly Grantham  Anchor. Author. Mom. Doesn't suffer fools. In love affair with the written word. Heart wins. #MollysKids

Earmuffs in May. Parker’s most brilliant gift yet. READ >> (link in bio)

I can not can not can not get over scrubs and a work badge as the outfit he chooses for preschool. #DrHutch #DepartmentOfFun

If Julia Roberts won an Academy Award for playing your real life, and you’d fought for the underdog hard enough to win the largest direct action lawsuit in US history, it’d be easy to think you could now rest. You’d made it. Which is why I loved meeting Erin Brockovich — she hasn’t rested at all.
Instead, Erin has spent the 18 years since Julia made her name famous tracking environmental pollutants in small towns and large cities across America. Her work isn’t always endorsed by doctors and scientists and PR departments of wealthy companies using toxins, but it sure has my attention. As well as thousands across America who send her reports EVERY SINGLE DAY.
I love a woman who doesn’t let bad odds and unexpected roadblocks turn her away, and respect nothing more than a person who gives a voice to those who feel they can’t speak for themselves.
What a treat to meet the @The_Real_Erin_Brockovich in person only to find she’s the real deal.

On this day we reflect on the grandness of motherhood, a reminder to (1) Let balls drop and (2) Don’t feel guilty when they fall.
(Just re-found this from a speech last September. Whole clip is two minutes - swipe left for second half.)

My favorite photo in life. Happy Warriors Day to us all.

And just like that, she seemed old.

Secret got out today. I never really announce it, but Producer Jess baked her first ever pretzel M&M cookie cake and Melissa and Kristen made lunch an event and Morgan knows my favorite flowers and Coleen understands the coffee addiction and all of #Team11 — our amazing 11pm squad — got me good (see last video). It’s midnight, I’m on a sugar high and I love good friends and work family. Thank you all. Xoxo

Learned a lot researching tonight’s special report about sexual harassment in the workplace. North Carolina doesn’t have a state law against it. As in, none. If a woman — or to be fair, a man — is sexually harassed while on the job, they must file suit under federal law. That’s difficult to do, especially if you’re an hourly worker like Liza (swipe left). She’s a public school bus driver who says she had continual unwanted sexual advances from her supervisor, but instead of feeling empowered by #MeToo... she feels #Invisible.
Before we rip NC too hard for not having a state law — only 14 states actually have one. Which seems ludicrous to say in 2018.

Logistical morning of stuff. Have to go by @WBTV_News on way to preschool and end up giving Hutch the greatest detour he could imagine. Sky 3’s hangar was fascinating and @fleurdelis3 (swipe left) let him swipe into every room endlessly. I love that my kids love my job.

From dance rehearsal to charity motorcycle ride, still in her leotard. A tough girlie-girl. The best kind. #BallerinaBiker #KeithsRide

Entire day just made. #SmallVictories

#SmallVictories has been out six months now. I still pinch myself (and sometimes exude cheesy happiness).

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