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Molly Grantham  Practical dreamer anchoring evening newscasts at WBTV. Doesn't suffer fools. In love affair with the written word. Heart wins. #MollysKids

Not the third amigo. But fun to pretend.
Is it possible to love the back-and-forth of @SteveMartinToGo and #MartinShort any more? Great show tonight in Charlotte. I was honored to play an itty-bitty role. (Thank God I stopped myself from being a total dork when meeting them and quoting every line from "Father of the Bride". The desire to do so was strong.)

Lunch with mom. Surprise Wednesday special.

He used to eat this. Now he builds. #HappyEaster

Went out for Easter breakfast. She did her own hair. #HippiePrincess

New commemorative can. Sassier version of Vanna. #GoHeels

5p, 6p, 7p & 11p all week with this guy. Halfway through the fun, @jamieboll.

She wanted to get her ears "pinched" for her 6th birthday. I gave in. READ MONTH THIRTY >> (link in bio).

New desk art she left for me to find. I melted.

Some of us brought lucky charms to the #LCHgala. If you're a fan, you're a fan. Even at a black tie affair.
See more pictures from @LevineChildrens 10th Anniversary Celebration here (the hospital sent a bunch today) >>
A sincere honor to take part and see so many big-hearted people in Charlotte - @gregolsen88 sure can rally a crowd!

As a reporter some stories are more than "a story" - they stay with you forever. This is 10 years ago. Archive photo from the funerals for Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Officers Jeff Shelton and Sean Clark.
March 31st marks one decade since these two men were ambushed, shot dead by an insane man killing for death's sake. The officers never even had time to get their guns out of their holsters.
Many of us at @WBTV_News were a part of Charlotte's fabric then and remain a part today. Many of us watched the city of Charlotte respond in the exact way that was needed. We - all races and walks of life - poured into the streets to wave, salute and hold signs of love so the hour-long procession from this church to the grave sites was dotted with people eager to show the families and department they were not alone in their pain.
Ten years ago our city stood strong.
It's worth remembering.
I've been going through archive video and memories for a week. What we lived then still impacts our city today. WBTV is airing a 30-minute special to honor Officers Shelton and Clark, and show why a decade ago can be today's learning tool.
After it airs, I'll edit this post and put a link here to watch online...but wanted you to know in advance why I think what you'll see tonight is so important.
**UPDATE**: It has aired. You can watch the entire thing at

Great night with the beautiful (and IG-less) Sharon Smith at Charlotte's inaugural Alzheimer's Memory Gala. Crazy to think this is a disease still trying to find its first Survivor. #endAlz


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