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Did you hear the news?! Mollica Films has been nominated as a FINALIST for the Wisconsin Bride Best of 2018 awards in the videography category. To say I'm overjoyed would be an understatement! It is such an honor to be part of the Wisconsin wedding industry, I'm convinced Wisconsin has some of the most talented people around. Thank you so much to everyone who voted and THANK YOU for your continued support. Cheers to all of the nominees this year!🥂

Do you and your significant other have a "song"? I remember back in high school every couple had one, it was the thing to do. For Adam and I our song is definitely Can't Take My Eyes Off You by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. I don't remember how this came to be our song, but I know you can frequently find us dancing to it in our living room. Raise your hand if you still have a "song" and share below what it is!!🙋

Feeling all the cozy winter vibes today!! I loved the colors that Alex's bridesmaids wore for her winter wedding this year. Soft neutrals against the white backdrop of snow, what could be more dreamy?!

I'm thanking my lucky stars that Adam made it home safely this morning!!✨ I won't lie, I was a BIT nervous about him driving from Appleton to Milwaukee in this weather😬

"How did we know we could get to the moon? And he said "We didn't. We chose to do it. And by choosing to do it we found a way." Decide what you want to do. Find something that feels like a fresh way of telling a story. Then you will by necessity, build the tools you need to make it happen. You don't start with the tools; you start with the goal. "No it can't be done," is a call to action. It eliminates 99 percent of the people from doing it. Is it going to eliminate you?

My favorite line is "We've never done it that way before." Well, great! People have already seen it that way! If we're going to do the same thing, then why not just play the old again?

Feeling very inspired by this interview with Robert Legato by @themusicbed and @filmsupply

Robert Legato is the man behind the visit effects of Apollo 13, Titanic, Avatar, and The Jungle Book.

An imperfect photo of a perfect moment. Surrounded by her very best friends in the world, newly married, Ashley was full of joy.

I absolutely love this shot of Ashley and Alwin. There's nothing "epic" about it and it certainly won't be an Instagram-famous photo, but I think Ashley's face says it all. I didn't tell Alwin to kiss Ashley's cheek and her reaction to that moment was genuine. I value showcasing the connection between people through these little squares more than I care about posting the most epic pictures in the world. Those photos have their place and are beautiful as all get-out but moments like this have a special place in my heart.

Sharing some love for @madisonweddingflowers today with this up close and personal shot of one of their bouquets! I love working with such talented people in the Wisconsin wedding industry!!

Saturdays are for exploring!

It's been a while since I've done #fridayintroductions so I figured with some of the new faces around here, I would share a few random facts about myself! I'm Devyn, a videographer based out of Milwaukee, WI. 🌊I love spending time near water, if it's a nice summer day there's no place I'd rather be than by the water. 📚I am obsessed with mysteries, on my days off I can easily read an entire mystery novel and I'm constantly reading short stories. ✈️I love traveling! Last year I went to HP World, Washington, Guadalajara Mexico, and the Smoky Mountains in Tennesee. This year I'm going to Southeast Asia and Colorado! 💲At some point last year I racked up a $50 library fine. $50 dollars!😳 Although I only paid ten dollars of the fine and they waived the remainder. ⛪My faith is extremely important to me and is the basis for how I live my life.

Anyway, those are a few things you might not have known about me! Wishing you a happy Friday!

This is one of my favorite shots from Megan and Nathan's feature film! A tip for your wedding day: plan time for portraits during golden hour. You'll get shots like this one!!

I learned a ton last wedding season so there are a lot of things behind the scenes that I'll be changing for 2018. You probably won't notice a difference at all but I am so excited to implement ways to streamline my workflow and improve my client management & timelines. Hooray for growth!

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