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Molchanovs  The best equipment for freediving. For order write to info@molchanovs.com

Molchanovs Fest – freediving course in Dahab

Let’s dive! Molchanovs freediving instructors gladly invite everyone to take part in a real freediving holiday – Molchanovs fest which takes place 29 April – 8 May in our beloved Dahab. If you want to join us – just email at info@free-diving.ru.

The biggest freediving company will gather on the beach of liberal Dahab. The almost limitless depth of a famous Blue Hole attracts many of professional and beginner divers. We invite everyone to become a bit closer to the underwater world on Molchanovs fest – on a freediving festival organized by Freediving Federation. On this fest, you can get a freediving course of 2-4 waves according to Molchanovs system or training dives for advanced deep divers.

Detailed information

What? ⠀
Molchanovs Fest – freediving festival organized by Freediving Federation. ⠀
•freediving course of 2-4 waves according to Molchanovs system; ⠀
•freediving secrets for advanced freedivers who can dive 50 m and deeper; ⠀
•safe deep training for athletes; ⠀ ⠀
•traditional swimming marathon in Blue Hole; ⠀ ⠀
•master-classes from freediving instructors. ⠀

The program of the fest depends on possibilities and wishes of a group. Personal requests will be considered.

You will be certificated according to the performed results. For certification, you should pass theoretical exam and fulfill norms in 3 disciplines CWT, CNF, STA.

Where? ⠀
Egypt, Dahab

When? ⠀
29 April - 8 May 2018

With whom? ⠀
and others ⠀

Cost of participation ⠀
*490 euro for 10 educational days; ⠀
*440 euro for freedivers of 4 wave according to Molchanovs system.

See you on the beach of the Gulf of Aqaba like at old good days!

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On February 24, 2018 the AIDA International Freediving Competition was held in Belgrade and attracted 40 contestants from 5 countries who competed in DNF and STA. The Croatian athlete @maverick2go recieved the best DNF with a distance of 201 meters and time of 4:38 which is the best result in the discipline in this season.

Molchanovs team congrats Vitomir with such a great achievement and wishes luck on upcoming competitions!

Succeed with Molchanovs!
#freediving #molchanovs #wetsuit #byfreediversforfreedivers #freedivingequipment

A new world record of Guinness in Molchanovs wetsuit!

24 February Croatian athlete Budimir Buda Šobat (52 years old) set a new world record of Guinness in static apnea for 24:11 after breathing pure oxygen.

The record was set in favor of Autism Awareness because Budimir has an autistic 17-years old daughter Saša and he wants to spread the word about autism and how it is important to help autistic people to improve their life level. Since the color of autism is blue, Molchanovs team has provided Budimir a completely blue wetsuit with the logo of The Autism Society. The yellow, red, light-blue and blue puzzle is a symbol of the complexity of autism and the number of very different people who are living all around the world with the illness.

The previous Guinness record in this discipline was 23 min 03 sec and was set by Spanish athlete Aleix Segura 28 February 2016.

Such records aren’t possible without using pure oxygen before the start, which isn’t forbidden by the rules of Guinness records. However, the achievement anyway demands very serious training and preparation.

4 years ago Budimir met Goran Čolak and freediving. In short time he managed to achieve respectful results such as 8.11 STA and 156 m DNF.

Last year Budimir did some medical research with his trainer Ivan Drviš and somehow he managed to hold his breath using pure oxygen for 21.03 min.

However, Budimir’s plans are higher than that so he is training 6 days a week hoping to make the final at the World Championship.

Molchanovs team gladly congratulates Budimir with his new world record of Guinness and wishes him luck at the World Championship.

#autismawareness #molchanovs #wetsuit #byfreediversforfreedivers

Hey guys! Good news for you! We have improved our monofins and now Molchanovs monofins are better than they have ever been.

Now the blade of monofins has better configuration:
*the base of the blade became a bit wider and tougher,
*the tip of the blade became softer.

So now you may swim with smaller amplitude and spend less energy and oxygen for moving ahead.

Be effective with Molchanovs! 😊
For order email us at info@molchanovs.com
#molchanovs #freediving #byfreediversforfreedivers #freedivingequipment

1-4 February Molchanovs team took part in an annual event #MoscowDiveShow. It was a huge exhibition of everything related to water and underwater sports. All that 4 days were full of meetings with interesting and dear people, with old friends and new colleagues, with hugs and smiles, with useful lectures and funny competitions.
On the stand of Freediving Federation and Molchanovs everyone had a chance to try on new gear and buy something with pleasant discounts. There was time to shake hands with the world champion and world record holder @alexeymolchanov, get his personal recommendations about freediving training and freediving equipment. The same event will take place in the next year as well. Molchanovs team hopes to see there our friends all round the world one day :) But don't forget that you always may get our full recommendations about our gear just emailing us at info@molchanovs.com
#molchanovs #freediving #byfreediversforfreedivers #freedivingequipment

We never stop and always continue developing and improving our models. Now we are working on a new configuration of blades for monofins. It will be much more effective and flexible. Coming soon! Stay tuned!

#molchanovs #freediving #byfreediversforfreedivers #freedivingequipment

@arnaudjerald knows well how stylish underwater outfit looks like 👌😎

For order email us at info@molchanovs.com
#monofin and #lanyard by #molchanovs

#freediving #byfreediversforfreedivers #freedivingequipment

"The best fins i could have ever even dream of."

Thank you, @cathcush, for such high estimation of our work 😊

Do you aslo want fins which are better than a dream? 😉 Email us to: info@molchanovs.com
#molchanovs #freediving #byfreediversforfreedivers #freedivingequipment #bifins #carbonbifins

We are gladly introduce you our absolutely new product of 2018 - bifins HP-Carbon Sport!

Main differences between bifins HP-Carbon Sport and Classic bifins version 1.1.
• The Sport footpockets are assembled on the blades according to the same technology as footpockets for monofins. It let us to make a footpocket with open heels.
• The new technology of assembling footpockets let us to get rid of footpocket rails.
• For sport footpockets supinator is a free basic option.
• Bigger angle between footpockets and blades.
New advantages of bifins HP-Carbon Sport in comparison with others models.
• The first completely hand-assembled bifins.
• Lighter.
• More flexible and maneuverable.
• More effective.
• Stylish design.

Bi-fins HP-Carbon Sport combines best characteristics of our legendary monofins and Classic bi-fins version 1.1 what makes them above any comparison with any other freediving fins on the modern market.

For order email us to: info@molchanovs.com
#molchanovs #freediving #byfreediversforfreedivers #freedivingequipment #bifins #carbonbifins

Hey guys! We are glad to introduce our Classic bifins version 1.1 with new designed footpockets. The wings of the footpockets became thinner and the whole footpockets got softer and more accurate shape.

For this model following additional options are available:
1. Custom-made or standard size footpockets.
2. Carbon or fiberglass blade.
3. Gold logo.

Free basic options:
1. Micropore.
3. Green, blue, pink and white logo.

With Molchanovs you can be stylish even in the underwater world!😎 For order email us to: info@molchanovs.com
#molchanovs #freediving #byfreediversforfreedivers #freedivingequipment #fins #carbonbifins

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