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Bre Collins  L I V E | perspective is everything big ass scrapbook 📒 | H I P P I E P O E T R Y™ 🌳 (SUPPORT GOOD ARTIST) Nashville native / Florida livin

The word love doesn’t even begin to describe how much this little girl means to me

Salena’s first time trying a lemon 🍋😂

As you may or may not know, I grew up with out a father and while it never effected me or tampered with my life, I told myself that whenever I had a child, He/she was going to know her father, no matter what the circumstances were. Well God couldn’t have blessed me with anyone better @jay_notaphotagrapher_byrd you have been mentally and physically supportive since the day you found out I was pregnant... Actually even before that and I can’t even put into words how thankful I am to have you. In my eyes your the best father a child could ask for. If I was your daughter I would be soo proud, your a wounderful remodel and I love you. Happy Father’s Day baby, I’m glad it was a good one 💕😘

Meet Amber, new addition to the family 185HP SUPERCHARGED 4 cylinder #minicooper #minicoopers #standard #carfamily

I may not be rich in wealth yet, but I am in love and happiness and that’s a damn good start

I remember when I use to get made fun of in school for being muscular and kind of tomboyish, now it’s the thing to be. Glad I maintained thanks @jay_notaphotagrapher_byrd for capturing my shine and always loving me 😘 #fitness #selflove #workout

It’s hard to believe our beautiful little stink butt will be a year old in two months 😢we created such a beautiful bean @jay_notaphotagrapher_byrd happy 10 months baby girl

Cheers to a new start and cheers to progression 🍻

Had soo much fun over the weekend kicking it with my bestie for her belated birthday and catching up with my main’s

My whole heart 💕 #motherhood

Me and @jay_notaphotagrapher_byrd sassy momma 😘

It’s a real ones birthday! 🎊🎉🎂 turnup! I love you bestie and hope your day is magical #thatsmybestfriend

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