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It's ones birthday and the others anniversary, give it up for legends.
Philip Seymour Hoffman - Montgomery Clift.

Thank you cinema for inspiring the gifts to my niece. #wonderwoman #myfirsteverhashtag


An amazing family! Thank you AIF and thank you to the Ledgers.

Throwback. Smokers. Authentic combat, you have no idea who you are fighting till 5 seconds before the bout. No clue of their style or prior record. You only have the moment to work out the puzzle. Don't be fooled by the headgear, I don't spar with headgear. It's protection methods are a myth the only thing it does is make your head 3 times bigger. I definitely don't need that. ;)

When you have eclectic fashion taste, sometimes you can get caught.
But seriously check this label out, they've been great and know the importance of a good cause.

I'll be posting more about this but right now those who know me know what this means to me. Australia is behind me, the best in the business support me and the world is coming closer together.

Great team, unique artist and a special producer I took alot of advice from. Directed by, yours truly.

Soon babies, soon.

When you find the the car wash.

TriBeCa WAS GREAT. Furthered my project and our film was well received. Had a good emotional release in the Heath Ledger doc which comes out soon. Other things that happened were that I sat behind Tarantino and watched him watch Reservoir Dogs. Coppola came and sat next to me and we watched part 2 of this film called The Godfather. I had already watched part 1 that day and was beaming with joy but to be honest I spent most of part 2 making sure I gave a performance of a lifetime in viewing it. Ended up at a private dinner, spoke with "Bob" about Jake LaMotta. It was nerve racking to say the least to be around Pacino, De Niro, Duvall, Caan, Coppola, Keaton, Shire but then I looked around the dinner and noticed some of the biggest stars in the world also seeming quite nervous. So that helped...I think. All in all, what was most special was viewing films that captured cultures years ago and now to have thousands come to the screenings to celebrate the artists. The purpose of film is often debated but being at those evenings made it clear to me that one of the purposes no doubt is to bring people together. Both of these film whose crowds were vastly different feel seen and heard when they view. There's a solace that seems to exist among people who experience catharsis through the same stories. It's as if for the duration of the film all the people in theatre admit we are friends.
Here's a pic of the Kings and Queens at the Q&A.
ps Dawn a flight attendant is awesome. ;)

If your thinking, did Mojean go all the way to NYC, for TriBeCa, to take a pic on the red carpet advocating #CatLadies, the answer is most definitely YES! This is not a post to shamelessly promote my film SUITCASE as all screenings are already sold out. This is to promote Cat ladies. It's time to stand up for minorities, thank you.
#Tribeca #Cat #Lady

Ps I wish you have at least half as much fun reading as I did writing.

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