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Arewa Tunsbaby  #thatondogirl

So today after work I requested for a ride using #taxifynigeria app. The app showed a driver details who's 1min away. I patiently waited for him. After about 5mins I didn't hear from him so I thought he cancelled the ride, I picked my phone only to find on the app "driving to your destination " when I haven't even spoken with the driver. I immediately called him, he said he was already in my office premises. I thought I should see him then asked what happened with "driving to you destination ". Before I could end the call he asked where I was going to as if I didn't put in the app, I told him, he said oh I can't go there now. I said OK then, please cancel the ride. Only for him to end the trip I didn't even take with him the first instance and I've been charged. I called him again he started blabbing. #taxifydrivers are becoming too fraudulent. Taxify Nigeria please do something. #taxifyinlagos #notoripoff

I love ME too much...

Big girl with a Bigger God. Saturdays are for owambe!

Not too late to crush on myself. #wcw

Welcome to the first day of the 2nd half of the year. Like a game of football there are still chances of winning. Never loose focus, play fairly and celebrate.
Remember with God you do not need a "VAR". He sees all about you and treats you fairly.
#July1 #2ndhalfof2018 #nevertoomuchalwaysenough #selflove #bigboldandbeautiful

Zing up that fabric from that ordinary look to this embellished bae! #embellished

Happy birthday sir @alibabagcfr wishing you many more years in wisdom and strength.

Happy birthday to my adorables. Love you mucho!. @deebamz @mama3_stores @cemia_john #happybirthday

Aderonke my dearest friend... Its all about you today. You have been a friend right from the very first day we met...know it that I love you so much and I can't love you less. Happy birthday my Darling. #happybirthday

She said you are being blunt but I say that you are totally rude and uncouth. I have some religious friends that were well brought up and they never ceased to show that their mothers have done a good job.

Hey parents, rudeness is not a virtue, do the world a favor, teach your religious daughter about manners and how to use them.
I guess its even too late sef. #saynotorudeness #mannerscostnothing

Happy birthday dear friend. We gonna party soon. @bussiedave #bigboldandbeautiful #birthdaygirl

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