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At her 40s @sonali_swami is better than most of the one's in their 20s.

I was talking about guys here👆

Great catching up with you Champ!

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2 years ago on this day #throwback @musclemania India with the Pro @mazherhamlaani back then he was Physique India Champion and later on went to become the first PRO athlete from INDIA, this was backstage moments before I won Mr. INDIA (fitness). The scar that you see here over my neck and traps has a story, a story of my struggle, a story of how I fought with the odds and didn't give up on any anything that stood in between. Trust me when I say this, had it been any other athlete then he would have given up. It's not an easy thing for every one to stand on stage when your body gets burned and your skin is peeled off your body, specially when it's mostly on your back, without contracting it you can't hold any pose. But still I smiled with every locked pose on the stage and this is not all as I even did my 2 mins routine performance round for the fitness Divison where I did Mixed Martial Arts on the very same day with the same condition. I was called ढीठ for a reason.
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I would like to declare this officially through this medium that I am not competing anymore in upcoming competions henceforth. I know that being just 28 years old I have more than a decade to go for it but I do not find myself as worthy of representing my country anymore as I have some personal issues and no matter what I cannot give even 1% to what's needed to prep for a competion that too World/Universe Championship requires more than what one could even think.
My federation has nothing to do with this as they have been very kind/generous and supporting to me throughout my competion career. That's the reason why I was able to secure 2 titles (Mr. India&Mr. Asia)
I shall be continuing with my profession as a Coach/ trainer and fitness consultant as this is my bread and butter. I know vocally or silently I have been a source of motivation to many out here and else where So I will try to keep motivating all of you in future too(cannot promise). It's also nothing like I don't love this sport anymore, I still am fond of this sport pretty much like the way I was since I even started. This is the only thing that hasn't left me till now. But I'm seriously not in that mindset to put in that effort or struggle anymore.
I know this shall disappoint a lot of people out here and the even to the one's who aren't here, so all I have to say is "I am sorry " Also I'm sorry to @niten_nightlife and my sister the most.
Also I will not be engaged directly with any of my social media engagements as I will be having an admin for that but the serious enquiries will still be entertained through e-mail and Dms, and then shall be forwarded to me so that I can personally deal with that. Also this page is not going to be dead it's just somebody else will be operating it with my contents. Here and everywhere else.

Sorry for the disappointment. #takestheheartout #heavyheart

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The body is the constant believer of what the mind says! There's much more to explore than what you could ever think of.
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Ok, So I shouldn't be making this post knowing the fact that I am being followed by a lot of people as a motivation for them. But I guess I also educate fitness to my followers and to the one's who happens to know me through my social media or personally the kind of a person I am. Also I get asked by a lot of people when am I competing next or why am I not competing anymore. So here's the thing. I was sitting at 74 kilos about last week and within a week I'm at almost 69 kilos with clothes. If you want to grow, if you want to stay healthy and fit in general (not a bodybuilder) then you will have to get rid of your WORRIES and STRESS, I have seen people getting worse despite of the best dieting habit and regular training only because they were having stress in their life, most importantly I have seen myself in the past couple of months. I was about to compete this year at World Championship, hired a coach for myself, Planned everything else that was needed to travel to the U.S. but eventually could not and all because I was and I still am going through a very worst phrase, if you could see the image it means I have lost pure 5 kilos of muscle. Being a hard-core ectomorph it takes a lot of time to gain that. Now I'm no expert in telling you how you should do it, But I'm an expert enough to tell you that you must if you want to live a healthy life. Your cortisol rises eventually which is the stress releasing hormones and that's like a POISON for you (Shall talk about that in detail afterwards). So if you really want to live a healthier lifestyle then Get rid of all your sorrows/worries/stress. May be if I am able to get back on track then I shall compete as well.
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